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Lunch date, anger may add up to hit and run

Man says he tried to avoid confrontation by leaving crash scene

It appears that anger got the best of a Sandy man who was frustrated that he had hit, or was accused of hitting, other cars while he was trying to hurry to a lunch date a short time before midday Aug. 28.

Witnesses and the owners of two vehicles reported to police that a man driving an SUV had hit two cars, exchanged words with the owners and drove away. The victims gave police the license plate number of the suspect vehicle.

Witnesses told the investigating officer with the Sandy Police Department that the SUV, in an off-street parking lot, had been seen hitting a car in front and then backing into a car behind the SUV.

After confirming that information with the owners of the two victim vehicles, the officer attempted to find the suspect vehicle and its owner.

That’s when the officer learned that the suspect driver had gone to lunch after the crash and then to the Sandy Police Department to leave a business card, stating he had hit a car in Sandy earlier that day.

During questioning, the man allegedly told an officer that when he came out of a business in the 38500 block of Proctor Boulevard, he was confronted by a woman who was parked in front of his SUV. The woman told him he had hit her car when he parked.

The man told the officer he couldn’t see any damage on her car and he didn’t believe her. He thought she was trying to scam him and was angry when he got into his car.

He said he began to back up so that he could drive around the woman’s vehicle. He said he heard a crunch and noticed he had backed into a vehicle waiting to turn onto Proctor Boulevard. He told the officer he didn’t see any damage to his car and he couldn’t tell if the damage on the car behind his was from him or had been there. He said the car was “full of dents.”

The man told the officer he was in a hurry to get to a lunch in Troutdale and because he couldn’t tell if he had caused damage and was already angry, he decided to leave rather than get into a confrontation.

The officer suggested that was a poor choice and said the man should have called police to sort out the truth and prevent a confrontation.

The incident has been referred to the district attorney for prosecution on charges of hit and run.