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for Oct. 3, 2012

Johnson is a respected leader

Mark Johnson has served this area well and has demonstrated that we can count on him when our community has needs that cannot be resolved at the local level.

In Salem, Mark has shown deft leadership and a commitment to bipartisan solutions for the most important issues facing Oregon.

Mark is one of Oregon’s most respected leaders in education planning and policy. As the Republican co-chairman of the House Higher Education Committee he went to the governor to find ways to enact bipartisan reforms that are good for Oregon.

Mark is on the Hood River School Board where the graduation rate of high school seniors is an impressive 82 percent, especially considering 44 percent are ESL students.

He didn’t go to Salem to just talk; he solved problems. Balancing the budget without tax hikes is one of Mark’s best achievements.

New companies and job creators in our district know they will find intelligent support from Mark Johnson. His background as a businessman is key to good economic policy in these difficult times.

Looking forward we see two more years of significant challenges. The ever rising cost of PERS is one such issue.

Mark chose not to join PERS when he was elected in 2010 so he would be free from conflicts of interest. Good reform decisions about containing PERS liabilities are essential to Oregon’s economic future.

The other candidate talks only about a $50 campaign pledge. Is this what is really on everyone’s mind this election?

This election I’m voting for Mark Johnson. He is the most qualified and has a track record I can be proud of. He has shown he will legislate for everyone in the district in a bipartisan manner. Please join me in voting for Mark Johnson.

David Buoy, Brightwood

Shun special interests; vote Nordbye

My fellow citizens of House District 52: Though Mark Johnson has demonstrated a capable hand for two years, I feel compelled to write and explain why I will vote for Peter Nordbye to represent me in Salem. Peter Nordbye refuses to accept a dime from anyone outside of the district, and zero from PACs, businesses, corporations, mysterious billionaires and what have you. He takes only $50 per voter in the district, and is thereby more inclined to represent me in my district. It’s common sense.

When Mark Johnson is accepting tens of thousands of dollars for his campaign from outside of Oregon, much less the district, you have to ask yourself, what does he owe these people? Can you really trust anyone who takes money like that to always vote in the best interests of our local citizens? Get real, or I’ll be happy to sell you the new high school!

I truly believe the vast majority of voters, whatever their political bent, realize money is destroying our democracy and has crippled our government. Sad thing is, most folks shrug or rue the fact and cast their vote as if it actually mattered. Well, you can believe it, this one does! Real “change” does not come from the top, but from you and me. It’s time to show special interests we’re not stupid and we won’t take it anymore. Please vote for Peter Nordbye. It’s the right thing to do.

Edward DeVito, Rhododendron

Johnson is qualified, capable

I first met Rep. Mark Johnson during the 2011 legislative session, however I am no stranger to his reputation of integrity and competence as an advocate for Oregon House District 52.

In Mark’s 25 years as a small business owner he has come into contact with both friends and family of mine in Hood River through his construction business. Understanding the value of time and volunteerism, I also appreciate Mark’s eight years of service upon the Hood River County School Board. I am certain that this played no small part in leading to Mark’s appointment as Co-Chair of the House Higher Education Committee; an impressive vote of confidence from House Leadership in a freshman legislator.

Mark’s commitment to education reform and experience in the private sector make him well-qualified to help improve Oregon’s job climate, and education platform. Anyone who knows Mark understands that he is interested in common sense policies, and working across the aisle to find and support creative solutions to Oregon’s many challenges. Mark understands that our local politics should be driven by experience and competence rather than partisanship and sensationalism.

Recently, headlines were made across the state when his campaign received financial support from Gov. John Kitzhaber. This exemplifies both his and the governor’s willingness to set aside party politics for the betterment of Oregon.

As a professional firefighter/paramedic, I understand the value of public trust and stewardship and find Mark to be both qualified and capable of representing House District 52 in the Oregon Legislature.

I saw first-hand Mark’s leadership ability during this past legislative session and ask for your support in ensuring his continued service to Oregon and District 52 in the next biennium.

Brian Adams, Sandy

Don’t let money buy your vote

My wife is a progressive Democrat who just happens to have a summer birthday. Lo and behold, she received a birthday card from her current State House District 52 representative who is “not” a progressive Democrat. We have also received a number of fliers in the mail along with being polled over the phone as to who we are currently supporting in this race and why.

This is the game of current-day politics. Collect a lot of money (some of it being from out of state) and then flood the voter with mailings, phone calls and polls. How will this annoying and expensive cycle be broken?

Just look at Peter Nordbye’s campaign. He is accepting money only from individuals living in House District 52 and has put a limit on these individual donations. His campaign is dedicated to providing equal and fair representation to all the constituents of House District 52. Also, just imagine if most of the dollars being spent on trying to get folks elected were redirected to fully funding our schools, assisting in providing environment for job creation and providing assistance to those in need.

Peter’s campaign is counting on volunteers going door to door, or you may run into Peter at some public gathering but really, the voter needs to put forth a little effort and go to Peter’s web page to see how he will support and represent you. You will not be getting any fliers from him or any birthday cards, but please don’t let these things “buy” your vote. Take a few minutes and check Peter out at NeighborsForNordbye.com. Let’s show that our votes are not for sale and that we can see through all the money and elect Peter Nordbye for House District 52 representative.

Dennis Ghelfi, Rhododendron

Casino just another scheme

Here we go again. Those two guys from Lake Oswego will not give up. Using the term “Grange,” they are trying to take the citizens of Oregon as a bunch of suckers.

This whole scheme will rob money from the Oregon Lottery, which already distributes money to the things that they have earmarked. It also will rob money from the Indian casinos.

I have read the brochure that they mailed out. It did not mention what their main objective is: a mega casino. They only discussed the family fun, new nightlife and exciting restaurants. No casino was mentioned.

The 2,000 jobs with benefits they are touting is a joke. Wow, $35,000 annual salaries. It seems to me that the amount they are bragging about isn’t much more than poverty wages.

They failed miserably the first time around, so this time they are sugarcoating their tactics. They lost at the ballot box by a 2-1 margin in 2010.

They used the name “Grange” (only to be sued by the national grange for trademark infringement). So the National Grange sold them the rights to use the term until voting time in November.

They should go before the Lake Oswego City Council to place the casino there, or even a floating “grange” on Lake Oswego. I doubt the city council would go for it, what with all of the extra traffic and the percent of low-life riff-raff it would attract.

Please join me in voting no on Measure 83. Their scheme will cost Oregon dearly, not to mention the money it will take from families that can least afford it.

With a no vote also on Measure 82 that addresses changing the constitution to allow private casinos here in Oregon, maybe we can kill this two-headed snake once and for all.

Joe Dillon, Boring