May 29, 2013

City erodes individual freedoms

I’ve just read in the Sandy Post about the city appealing the decision by the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners regarding a green corridor between Gresham and Sandy along Highway 26.

This decision was to basically abandon the issue. Yet the city of Sandy wants to spent limited city funds to fight this decision.

My first question is where does the city of Sandy find the authority to make any attempt to regulate, or otherwise dictate, what a citizen does with their own property, outside of the city limits? This contested improvement is miles outside of any tax obligations that the city could levy, and will continue to be so for many years.

My second question is, why would the city of Sandy believe its concerns actually have any legal standing over property that the city government has no taxable power, or code enforcement authority?

Exactly why does the city feel it has the right to interfere with private property rights merely to “enhance the visual experience” of anybody driving from Gresham to Sandy?

I’ve become disenchanted with the Sandy City Council. In my opinion it has made several poor decisions recently, and each of them concern civil liberties. The prohibition of alcohol in the parks, and this attempt to dictate city desires to folks outside (miles outside) the city limits smacks of socialism and a callous disregard for personal liberty and social freedom.

It’s a real shame I live outside of the city limits. I’d vote for a duck before I ever voted for a person that supports this nonsense.

Eric Blatter, Sandy

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