for June 5, 2013

Bipartisan plan buys time

The Oregon Legislature is wrestling with matters that promise to be of major consequence to our children. Basically we must provide a level of school financing that keeps further cuts from crowding even more children into classrooms.

We should not tolerate class sizes as they now stand. This is unfair to our children. Even indecent!

Gov. Kitzhaber has proposed a budget as formulated by both Democrats and Republicans. Though this includes some necessary compromises not entirely satisfactory to either party, it is sufficient to hold the fort in school funding for this next year (approximately $1.5 million to $2 million for Sandy schools and $3 million to $4 million for Gresham schools.)

This will give the Oregon Supreme Court the opportunity to decide on matters related to PERS reform.

The current proposed legislation (and some that has passed) will (if approved by the court) make major headway on PERS reform and help stabilize overall budgetary matters.

Dick McQueen


Contract Publishing

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