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Art is an experiment that works


Boring artist Phil Wells will show off his techniques for the Wyeast Artisans Guild

Next Monday, local residents will be treated to the views and work of an experimental artist — but he’s also a neighbor.

At a public gathering the Wy’east Artisans Guild is sponsoring, Boring artist Phil Wells will show the results of his experimentation and demonstrate his techniques.

“You keep trying until you get it right,” said Wells, describing what he means by art as an experiment.

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: PHIL WELLS - This is the work of artist Phil Wells of Boring. It is one of his eye-catching art pieces, using mortar, acrylic paint, glaze, an impression of a zucchini leaf; and it€sˇÃ„ôs all framed with recycled wood. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: PHIL WELLSWells produces art on unusual topics, using uncommon media, and he expresses his art in unfamiliar ways. He often uses recycled materials to form his artworks.

When the Wy’east meeting is turned over to Wells, those present will know this “experimental” artist understands a lot about texture and color and balance. The content of his images will testify to his expertise in artistic expression.

Wells says with each piece he tries to “push the envelope” with either color or texture or contrast, and make it “entertaining for the eye.”

At Monday’s meeting, Wells will demonstrate how he creates one type of art expression — mortar castings of leaves found on his farm.

But Wells’ art experience goes far beyond those castings. In addition, he paints landscapes in watercolors and with acrylics on watercolor paper.

He also is working in outdoor sculpture, using recycled materials and mortar.

Creatively, Wells is not limited to framed art, just as his topics are not limited to outdoor scenes.

Wells has loved airplanes his entire life, and he has studied a lot of details about specific planes. He knows them so intimately that he can put together lightweight models of the planes and fly them remotely on his farm northeast of Boring.

Also at the open public meeting, said member Claire Harrison, the programs for the rest of the year will be described, and new officers will be introduced.

Wells’ demonstration will be during the meeting, sponsored by the Wy’east Artisans Guild, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11, in the Clackamas County Bank Theater, just west of the main bank entrance, at 38935 Proctor Blvd.

Anyone interested in art is invited to join guild members at any of their meetings.

For more information, call Harrison at 503-708-9065.