Asphalt path set for completion by fall

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - Workers begin grading the east end of the Springwater Trail Monday morning. Work is progressing rapidly, but will slow when they begin work on the deck, rails and approaches to the bridge over Telford Road as well as when they begin laying the asphalt surface. Completion is expected in late fall.After several delays over a couple of years, the long-awaited work is beginning.

The Springwater Trail in Boring is under construction, with some survey work done and vegetation clearing continuing each weekday. Workers also are installing some erosion control, to be followed with grading in a week or two.

Meanwhile, the trail is officially closed, especially during working hours each weekday, said Project Manager Jeroen Kok of the Clackamas County Parks and Forest Department.

“For the short term on the weekends,” Kok said, “the trail is unofficially usable. But at some point in the near future, when grading begins, even unauthorized use just won’t be possible.”

One of the large projects on the trail, which will preclude its use even on weekends, is replacing the deck, railing and approaches to the old railroad bridge that passes over Telford Road.

Within a few weeks, Kok said, there will be so much activity on portions of the trail that contractors expect the public will keep its distance for the duration of the work.

With a project like this, there’s grading, adding a (crushed) rock base and drainage work. One of the final pieces is putting down the asphalt.

And a lot of asphalt is required. Think of it as a driveway — a long driveway. This driveway, which is for pedestrians, bicycles, dogs and horses, is a minimum of 2 inches thick by 12 feet wide and more than 12,000 feet long.

That’s a lot of asphalt.

The general contractor on this project — costing about $2.3 million, including construction, design and engineering — is C & M Excavation & Utilities of Sherwood.

The majority of funding is being provided from federal money in the form of a transportation enhancement grant, administered through the Oregon Department of Transportation. The balance of the funding is from the county parks department.

Kok said fall is typically wet and could cause delays and unnecessary costs, so they are trying to go as fast as possible now to finish before the wet season begins.

“The schedule we have right now,” Kok said, “has them finishing in mid- to late-October. It’s hard to say if they can move quicker than that (because of weather), but I am sure everybody will try to finish as early as possible.”

The project begins at Rugg Road and ends about 2.2 miles east at Dee Street, across the street from the Boring Station Trailhead Park.

For people who need more trail, across Highway 212 is the beginning of the Cazadero Trail, which also is in need of construction in some areas on its way to Barton and Estacada. Also being discussed for the distant future is a connection of the Springwater Trail to the Tickle Creek Trail in Sandy.

For more information, call Kok at 503-742-4421.

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