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New strategic plan means expansion for Sandy Public Library bookstore, programs, endowment funding

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - George and Colleen Hoyt have volunteered with Friends of the Library for more than two decades. Thanks to the recent strategic plan implemented by the Sandy Public Library, the Friends of the Library bookstore has grown, and so have its possibilities to support the library.

"We've had a bookstore for years — from one shelf to what (we have now)," says Colleen Hoyt, a volunteer with the Friends of the Library. "It's our intention to make books available to people."

In keeping with that mission, the Friends also donates books to waiting rooms around town and to the Sandy Kiwanis Christmas Basket program in December.

"We have a very large children's section and a very generous public," Colleen adds.

The bookstore is currently home to nearly 10,000 books and spans three rows of shelves in the back corner of the library.

Colleen and her husband, George, have been members of the bibliophilic organization for over 20 years.

Every Tuesday, the couple and four other members meet in their little niche of the library to clean and repair donated books.

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Six different volunteers come together on Tuesdays to repair, clean and stock donated books for the bookstore.
"Between all the social banter we get a lot of work done," Colleen explains. "We're the biggest bookstore in town with the smallest prices."

Every quarter, Library Director Sarah McIntyre gives the Friends a wish list, and they happily supply funding for her new endeavors.

"We have yet to not be able to support what she's doing," Colleen boasts. "Library programs have exploded."

All proceeds from the books sold go to fund library programs and an endowment managed by the friends.

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Friends of the Library sells books to support library programs. About 1,900 books have also gone to expand or replace items in the library's collection.

"One thing we spent a great deal of energy on is putting away money in an endowment," George explains.

At the end of last year, the Friends' endowment fund topped out at $250,000.

The group has collected $3,900 just in this quarter.

"That's why we're here every week," Colleen adds. "To earn money (for the library)."

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