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Tigard Library hosting 'Star Wars' team trivia contest

May 4 is 'Star Wars Day,' and tweens through adults are invited to celebrate by showing off their know-how at the library.

LUCASFILM OFFICIAL POSTER - 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' broke numerous box-office records after its Dec. 18, 2015, release. The film is Episode VII of the 'Star Wars' saga.How many forms of communication was C-3PO fluent in?

What was the name of the race in which Anakin Skywalker participated to win his freedom?

What was the capital of the Republic during the rise of Kylo Ren?

If you think you know your “Star Wars” trivia, the Tigard Public Library is the place to be on May 4.

May 4 has been adopted by fans of the “Star Wars” franchise as “Star Wars Day” or “May the Fourth Be With You Day,” a reference to the phrase from the movies and other media that refers to the mystical Force, which gives Jedi and Sith their powers. For the first time that teen services librarian Lisa Elliott can think of, the Tigard Library will be holding an event to celebrate the occasion.

“I knew it was coming up, and I wanted to do something for the day,” Elliott explained. “We were thinking about showing the new movie, but we didn't know the release date of the movie in time for our publicity, so we came up with this.”

Elliott is referring to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” numbered as Episode VII of the ongoing “Star Wars” film series. “The Force Awakens” was a box-office smash upon its release in theaters last December. “Rogue One,” a tie-in film that will serve as a prequel of sorts of the original “Star Wars” movie first released in 1977, will hit the silver screen this year.

“We do something 'Star Wars'-y once a year, usually,” Elliott said, adding, “It's just one of those things that's so part of our zeitgeist that we know there are lots of people interested in doing 'Star Wars' stuff.”

TIMES FILE PHOTO - Tigard teen services librarian Lisa Elliott said she wanted to hold an event on May 4, celebrated as 'Star Wars Day,' because of the franchise's mass appeal.The team trivia Wednesday, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Burgess community room, will be no cakewalk, Elliott said.

“The trivia's going to be really challenging,” she said. “It's really for people who are very interested in 'Star Wars' and have the ability to … work together as a team to answer some questions.”

The trivia contest is the main attraction, but there will also be “Star Wars”-themed treats and an opportunity for photos with lightsabers and the Death Star, emblems of the franchise.

Elliott indicated the contest will include trivia questions from the “Expanded Universe,” a catch-all term for the books, cartoons, comics, video games and other media that were controversially declared to no longer be a part of the accepted “Star Wars” canon two years ago, after Disney acquired the rights to the franchise in 2012.

“There'll be stuff from the comics, there'll be stuff from 'The Clone Wars' (film and television series),” Elliott said. “I'm finding the trivia now, and it's definitely well beyond my knowledge of the universe.”

The team trivia contest is open to adults, teenagers and children ages 10 and older. People can come in groups, including as families competing together, or can find a team at the library. Elliott plans to come in costume, and she is encouraging participants to dress up as well.

“It's gonna be fun,” she said.

The Tigard Library is located at 13500 S.W. Hall Blvd., Tigard. Library programs are free to the public. For the “May the Fourth” program, no advance registration is required.

By Mark Miller
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