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Tualatin welcomes its 100th arrival during centennial year

by: TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden introduces himself to baby Arianni Moreno and her mom, Sophia. Arianna was recognized as the 100th baby born in Tualatin during the citys Centennial year.Little Arianni can be forgiven for appearing unimpressed with the certificate of recognition Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden presented her on Tuesday. She’s one of the city’s newest residents, and she’s little more than 3 weeks old.

But as the hundredth baby to be born in Tualatin during the city’s hundred-year anniversary, she will have the lifelong distinction of being the local Centennial Baby.

“I'm not sure you're getting the benefit of this right now, but as you grow up, you’ll be the only one in kindergarten who can say you're the Centennial Baby,” Ogden said during a ceremony at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center's Family Birth Center. “And as you grow older, through high school and college, and through your adult life, you can carry this with you wherever you go.”

The guest of honor wore a pink headband and cardigan over a lacy dress, and appeared uneasy with all the fuss.

Ogden congratulated Arianni’s parents, Sophia Tenorio and Reyes Moreno Ocadiz, on another beautiful daughter, as Arianni’s sisters, Elena Pilar, 4, and Raina Sofia, 19 months, occasionally pulled the spotlight.

The hospital, which sponsored the event, presented a gift basket so large it dwarfed Raina, who accepted it on behalf of her family.

by: TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden poses with the Moreno family to recognize baby Arianni for being the 100th baby born in Tualatin at Legacy Meridian Parks Family Birth Center. Pictured from left: mom Sophia, baby Arianni, her sisters Reyna Elena, and dad, Reyes.Tenorio said that when her daughter was born on the morning of Sept. 1, they were not immediately aware of Arianni’s novel title. It wasn’t until Arianni’s father looked at the birth count online that they realized their daughter might be the 100th.

“I’m excited,” Tenorio said, explaining that the family has lived in Tualatin for nearly two years. “It's really something big, at least to me, it is. How many 100th babies are born in the 100th year?”

Arianna’s mother, who hails from the island of Saipan, laughed as she explained the origin of her youngest daughter’s name.

“My husband and I, we have a hobby,” she said. “We like to watch (Mixed Martial Arts), the (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fights, it's something interesting to us, and something that we found in common. And one of the girl’s names is Arianny (Celeste).”

Arianna’s middle name, Kai'anne, pays tribute to Tenorio’s three sisters, Diane, Cathy and Francis, whose nickname is Kai.

Aug. 18 was the official anniversary of Tualatin’s incorporation as a city, and the decision was largely made as the result of a 1913 state law allowing incorporated cities to tax liquor. While marking a century as a successful city, Tualatin has kept a running count of local births throughout the year, with August seeing the highest number of new arrivals. Since the 100th baby was born after the Crawfish Festival in August, Arianni Kai'anne Moreno will make her formal debut during the Starry Nights and Holiday Lights event at the Tualatin Commons on Dec. 6. Mayor Ogden also invited the family to introduce Arianni at an upcoming City Council meeting.

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