A King City police officer had to use his Taser in order to subdue a man who ran from police after allegedly having sex with a woman in a fast food restroom and then fleeing from police, the agency reported.

On Thursday, Nov. 7, an employee at Sonic Drive-In, 15336 S.W. Pacific Highway, called police at about 7 p.m. to report an ongoing issue involving the restaurant’s bathroom.

The employee told police that a couple had locked themselves inside and appeared to be having sex.

Officers from Tigard and nearby King City responded to the call, said Jim Wolf a spokesman with the Tigard Police Department.

The couple reportedly exited the bathroom, but the man, later identified as Johnny Hayes, 43, ran from police, Wolf said.

Police chased after the man through the parking lot, and more than once officers were able to grab the man, but he slipped from their grasp and continued running, said Charles Fessler, chief of police for the King City Police Department.

More than once during the chase, the suspect reportedly appeared to be reaching into his pocket a handful of times, Fessler said.

Fearing for his safety, Fessler said, the King City officer, who was not immediately identified, drew his Taser and fired.

Fessler said that the Taser either got caught in the man’s clothes or didn’t affect him.

“It didn’t do anything do him,” Fessler told The Times after reviewing the incident.

Fessler said that officers are on edge after an Oregon City reserve police officer was killed after responding to a house fire last week.

“In light of what happened in Oregon City, people are wary of people reaching for a weapon,” Fessler said.

After firing the Taser, officers were able to arrest the suspect, Fessler said.

No weapon was found on Hayes, Fessler said, but a cellphone was found on the ground after his arrest.

“(When officers deploy a Taser) it depends on the person’s behavior and the officer’s reaction to it,” Fessler said. “If (Hayes) had just been running from police, that would not necessarily be cause to Tase him, but in this case there was some suggestion that he had a weapon,” Fessler said.

After his arrest, the suspect reportedly gave police a false name and had identification on him that did not belong to him. He was transported to a nearby hospital for a medical examination from injuries sustained in the chase. Fessler said that the suspect refused to give his name to medical staff.

Fessler said that it wasn’t until he was booked into Washington County Jail that they were able to identify Hayes.

Hayes faces a slew of charges from the incident and previous charges, including public indecency, identity theft, giving false information to a police officer and failing to register as a sex offender.

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