Top in Washington County, says Redfin

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article stated the median sale price of homes in the Sherwood-Tualatin North neighborhood had increased 220 percent in the past year. In fact, online page views of house listings in the Sherwood-Tualatin North neighborhood had increased 220 percent. The article has been changed to reflect that. The Times regrets the error.

A recent real estate study showed that Sherwood-Tualatin North is the most trendy Portland metro neighborhood outside Portland city limits — and No. 3 in the metro area.

The neighborhood is largely within Sherwood limits and is second to Concordia and Eliot neighborhoods. According to Redfin, online interest -- gaged by pageviews of properties in Sherwood-Tualatin North -- had increased 220 percent in the past year.

The median sale price of a home in the neighborhood is $279,000.

Redfin’s yearly Hottest Neighborhoods survey uses a method the brokerage described as a “special cocktail of big data analysis and real-life human experience.” The Seattle-based company’s stock in trade is its online presence, and to determine top neighborhoods, used not only sales numbers but web metrics that included pageviews and a “favorites” feature that allows users to mark and monitor listed properties. The process also considered Redfin real estate agent input.

It is an especially notable accolade in view of the fact Concordia placed No. 8 in the national top 10 list.

None of these neighborhoods broke Redfin’s top three list for Portland last year, nor did the Portland metro area appear in the national top 10.

According to Redfin, this year’s list is largely characterized by previously overlooked neighborhoods, with sales trends suggesting buyers currently favor proximity — specifically, short commute times to work.

Redfin Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kelman characterized these new “hot” neighborhoods as finally getting their due.

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