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TTSD files lawsuit after faulty construction


Alberta Rider Elementary School wasn't properly built, district claims, causing more than $1 million in damages.

Alberta Rider Elementary School on Bull MountainThe Tigard-Tualatin School District has filed a lawsuit against a Hillsboro construction company, after the district claims its construction of Alberta Rider Elementary School nearly a decade ago was negligent, deficient and defective.

In a lawsuit filed in Washington County Circuit Court on March 7, the district’s attorney D. Gary Christensen claimed that Robinson Construction Co., failed to construct the elementary school properly, causing serious water damage inside walls, doors, and other parts of the building.

The district is seeking $1.43 million in the lawsuit, claiming Robinson Construction breached its agreement with the district to build the school to pre-planned specifications, as part its contract with the district.

“Robinson’s construction, supervision, coordination, direction, and inspection of the school was defective, deficient, and fell below the applicable codes and standards of care for a reasonably prudent construction manager in the community,” the district claimed in its lawsuit.

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The nearly 73,000-square-foot school was built in 2005, but district officials said it didn’t take long to discover serious problems with the school’s construction.

The district alleges that several of the building’s materials were either not installed properly, or in some cases not installed at all.

The construction company did not properly install panel siding and used non-weatherproof materials, district leaders said, which caused “an immediate safety risk and…resulted in damaged siding panels, damaged exterior wall components, and (in conjunction with other defective conditions) water infiltration.”

The district also claims the company installed windows and doors without end dams and proper glazing stops, leading to other problems that allowed water to get into the school and damage interior finishes.

The district reportedly notified Robinson about the defects, but says the company did not correct the problems.

“Robinson breached its warranty by constructing the (s)chool defectively and in an unworkmanlike manner,” the suit claims.

The district spent more than $1 million between 2011 and 2013 to repair some of the damage, and had to close down school during the repairs, which the district claimed cost about $240,000.

The same year it built Alberta Rider Elementary School, the company also constructed Lake Oswego High School, which has also seen several structural problems.

Parts of the school had to be reconstructed, and the company settled out of court with that district after it filed a similar lawsuit.

Editor's Note: This story originally listed Alberta Rider Elementary School as being built 14 years ago. The school was actually built in 2005.