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Police cite three pedestrians struck in crosswalk

UPDATE: Driver had a green light

TIGARD - An 83-year-old King City man who hit three people as he was driving on Pacific Highway last week will not face charges but the pedestrians will, Tigard Police said.

According to police, Christopher Ranney, 24, and Amy Perez, 26, of Tigard, and 29-year-old Jeffery Morford of Hillsboro were struck as they crossed Pacific Highway to Southwest Gaarde Street on Thursday, March 15.

According to police reports, the three were thrown 5 to 10 feet after being struck by the truck. Tigard police spokesman Jim Wolf said the trio were in a crosswalk at the time of the crash, but the driver had the green light.

The three had finished shopping at the 76 gas station convenience store at 14030 S.W. Pacific Highway. They were heading across the highway at about 10:45 p.m., when they were struck by a Mazda pickup truck in the southbound lane.

Wolf said Friday that the driver would not be charged with a crime for the incident.

'Witness statements concur that the pedestrians did not obey the traffic control devices in place when crossing,' Wolf said.

According to police reports, the driver told police he was traveling through the intersection at about 30 to 40 miles per hour and did not see the three people.

The man also told police he collided with something and saw 'bodies flying' as he started to drive through the intersection.

The man stopped and only then realized he had hit three people.

The three people were reportedly wearing dark clothing at the time of the crash.

Morford, Ranney and Perez were taken to Oregon Heath and Science University after the crash with unspecified injuries, Wolf said.

All three remained hospitalized at OHSU on Friday, but have since been released.

Wolf said the three were cited for 'pedestrians failure to yield to a traffic control device.'