by: GAZETTE PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Chloe Hales, followed by her sister, Kate, takes a ride through a handmade bike wash their father, Colin, helped construct.They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Well, imagination is just as important if you really want to invent something cool.

With that in mind, the Hales family of Sherwood set about creating a kiddie car wash. Along with a nod to Pinterest for inspiration, and a working knowledge of a typical car wash, the Hales put together what ultimately became a neighborhood bike wash in the driveway of their Heron Ridge subdivision home on Seely Lane.

“My husband just went to Home Depot and he sketched it on paper,” said Hanna Hales, mother of three children Ethan, 2; Kate, 7; and Chloe, 11.

“(The kids) helped build it,” said Hales’ husband Colin, “They went to Home Depot and picked out the supplies.”

by: GAZETTE PHOTO: RAY PITZ -  The Hales family, including Chloe, Colin, Hanna, Ethan and Kate, all had a hand in constructing a bike-washing invention at their home on Seely Lane in Sherwood.Those supplies included plenty of PVC pipe into which Colin drilled holes in order to create the spray for the washer’s rinse cycle. After adding a couple of oscillating sprinklers purchased from Target, small sponges, dusters, pool “noodles,” scrubbers and other items were purchased from Dollar Tree for the finishing touches.

Hanna Hales praised her husband’s ingenuity in putting together the elaborate washing system.

“He’s ‘MacGyver,’” she said.

Once a journeyman mechanic, Colin Hales is a regional manager for Kassbohrer All-Terrain Vehicles Inc. at the company’s Tualatin branch.

Once all the materials were collected, it took about an hour to put the bike wash together.

In the end, the contraption was set up to allow the children to scrub the bikes, send them through the unique rinsing system before the kids towel-dry the bikes.

“I like the sponge things, how they’re all wet and smack you in the face with water,” Chloe Hales observed of the family’s new GAZETTE PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Those long hanging pieces of towel remind you of anything? Yup, they're just like the familiar dangling strips you see at most soft-cloth car washes.

Meanwhile, Kate Hales said she liked the cut pieces of towel that swing down at the end of the wash because they remind her of a magic carpet.

Hanna Hales said she thinks her children made $20 so far, money that will go to fund sports and summer activities. But more than that, it is giving her children something to do, creating what she called “summer sanity for mom.”

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