Tigard-Tualatin School District officials received some surprising news on Friday, July 18.

Washington County announced that the district would receive an additional $435,710 in Gain Share funding, since current fiscal year state revenues had exceeded expectations. The original Gain Share contribution to the district was $724,643, for a total of $1.16 million.

The funding applies to the 2014-15 school year. The bump in funding is a 60 percent increase from the previous Gain Share pledge.

It’s up to each school district to decide how to spend the one-time funds.

Susan Stark Haydon, a spokeswoman for Tigard-Tualatin schools, said no decision has been made for the funds, yet, but the School Board would discuss the matter at its next meeting.

“We desperately need that money to hire teachers,” Stark Haydon said.

Last year’s round of Gain Share funds were used for teachers as well. The district was able to hire back several positions after laying off more than 20 teachers in 2013-14.

“Gain Share saved us last year, and it will help us manage high class sizes this time,” she said.

The July 18 announcement from Washington County Chairman Andy Duyck and Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey proposed sharing $8 million with

county school districts, $3 million more than previously announced for 2014-15.

“Gain Share allows local governments that have abated property taxes — like Washington County, Hillsboro and other partner agencies — to channel some of the state income tax dollars that we generate back into the local community,” Duyck said. “We are proud to distribute even more of these Gain Share shares to Washington County schools.”

The additional funding is a direct result of a “successful state-local partnership,” he added.

The proposal for sharing Gain Share funds with school districts continues the practice of distributing the funds to each of the seven school districts on a per-student basis.

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