This week's calls for service include: a sticky situation on St. James Lane, several cougar sightings and a spray-painting spree.


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from July 4 to July 10: assault (1), carrying a concealed weapon (1), driving under the influence of intoxicants (1), driving while suspended (1), drug offense (1), embezzlement (1), theft (4), warrant (8).

Monday, July 10

• A purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle outside the Tigard Swim Center, 9000 S.W. Durham Road.

• A man was found "hanging out" in a back yard in the 11700 block of Warner Avenue.

• Someone reported hearing six to eight shots near WinCo, 7501 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A bicycle was reported stolen in the 12300 block of Main Street.

• A dog panted in the front seat of a vehicle outside Target, 9009 S.W. Hall Blvd.

• A woman said her roommate and roommate's boyfriend threatened to beat her up in the 10000 block of Garrett Street.

• People were seen doing drugs in the 11800 block of 91st Avenue on the sidewalk.

• A man said a woman stole his car in the 11700 block of 91st Avenue.

Sunday, July 9

• A woman reported finding her son's stolen truck in the area of Center Street and Lincoln Avenue.

• A woman returned to 7-Eleven, 12100 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road, after previously being excluded from the premises and "made a big scene," a store employee reported.

• A man reportedly bothered customers and blasted music outside the front doors of Big 5 Sporting Goods, 11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A man suspected his apartment was being burglarized in the 9200 block of Maplewood Drive.

• A dog panted in a truck with its windows just cracked in the parking lot of WinCo, 7501 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A man said his brother threw a rock at him and hit his wrist in the 13100 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A caged bird in a backyard in the 12900 block of Walnut Street reportedly screeches "all hours of the day."

• A dog was heard yelping and crying in the 15800 block of 88th Avenue for about an hour and a half.

Saturday, July 8

• Someone covered two cars in flour and syrup and lit fireworks underneath them in the 13100 block of St. James Lane.

• Banging and slamming of furniture was heard in the 14100 block of 103rd Avenue.

• A cougar was seen in the area of 95th Avenue and Commercial Street, crossing the road.

• Someone reported seeing a man get out of a vehicle at Dollar Tree, 11945 S.W. Pacific Hwy., while drinking from a vodka bottle.

• A dog appeared to a passerby to be in distress inside a car in the 14800 block of Sequoia Parkway.

• Apparently thinking a woman had taken a picture of him, a homeless man allegedly attacked her vehicle outside Joy Cinema & Pub, 11959 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A drum kit was reported stolen from a vehicle in the 14700 block of 109th Avenue.

• Dogs were seen inside a car with the windows rolled up outside WinCo, 7501 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A man asked people to buy him alcohol and urinated on dumpsters at Plaid Pantry, 11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A man reportedly "made a scene" at Walmart, 7600 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• Two poodles appeared to be hot inside a car parked at Safeway, 15570 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A dog barked for two hours in the 12200 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A man allegedly punched a woman in the 10600 block of Murdock Street.

• Someone reported being "slugged" by a person they knew on a path near the intersection of Tigard Street and Alyne Lane.

Friday, July 7

• A woman found her door kicked open in the 11600 block of Springwood Drive, but nothing appeared to be missing from her home.

• A cougar was seen running across railroad tracks near Tigard Street and Pacific Highway.

• A cougar was spotted in the 10800 block of Walnut Street.

• After being fired from SAS Balancing Services, 9744 S.W. Tigard St., an employee allegedly refused to return property belonging to the company.

• A man said he was the subject of ongoing harassment by neighbors in the 9700 block of London Court.

• A man in the 11400 block of Pacific Highway appeared to be on drugs.

• A dog was seen panting in a vehicle parked in the 14800 block of Sequoia Parkway.

• A man snatched papers from someone's office and ran off, the office's occupant reported, at the 76 gas station, 11440 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A possible burglary was reported in the 12800 block of Chicory Court.

Thursday, July 6

• A man was seen pounding on a window and appearing to try to jimmy his way into a house in the 10800 block of 83rd Avenue.

• A wallet and tablet computer were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 13700 block of Hillshire Drive.

• Sixteen storage units at Burnham Storage, 8900 S.W. Burnham St., were reported to have been burglarized.

• A Labradoodle puppy was stolen from a vehicle while its owner was at Providence Urgent Care, 12240 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

• A man was seen beating on cars in the parking lot of Value Village, 12060 S.W. Main St.

• Someone in the 15000 block of Royalty Parkway reported receiving a rent check for "way more than the amount" he was charging.

Wednesday, July 5

• Juveniles allegedly lit off fireworks inside a dumpster at United Car Wash, 9855 S.W. Walnut Pl. The act was reportedly caught on video.

• Excessive trash in the 10400 block of Amanda Court was reported.

• Two goats showed up at Comcast, 11308 S.W. 68th Pkwy.

• A storage unit at Burnham Storage, 8900 S.W. Burnham St., was burglarized.

• A punchcard stamper at Dutch Bros, 11744 S.W. Pacific Hwy., was reported stolen

• A Muslim woman wearing a long black dress in the 11200 block of 72nd Avenue reported that a man told her to take it off because she "doesn't have to dress like that."

Tuesday, July 4

• Two men were seen fighting at a bus stop in the area of Greenburg Road and 92nd Avenue.

• A garage was broken into and items stolen in the 10600 block of Murdock Street.

• Someone in the 14600 block of 83rd Court said they were being harassed by a dog rescue operation after buying a puppy and taking it to a veterinarian that the rescue "didn't approve."

• A man was seen going through a dumpster in the 16100 block of 108th Avenue

• A man allegedly threw things and yelled at Unity Laundromat, 11500 S.W. 88th Ave.

• A possibly drunken movie-goer at Tigard Cinemas, 11626 S.W. Pacific Hwy., yelled and cursed.

• After getting two supposedly friendly dogs on Craiglist, a man in the 10700 block of Murdock Court reported that at least one of them actually turned out to be rather aggressive.

• Someone complained of a party with underage drinking in the 11400 block of Walnut Street.

• Someone thought she heard what sounded like gunfire in the area of Canterbury Lane and Pacific Highway.

• A man allegedly tried to kick the door of a neighbor's apartment in the 7500 block of Bonita Road.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from July 4 to July 10: 664 calls for service, 16 traffic crashes and seven arrests.

Monday, July 10

• A Portland man was arrested on multiple outstanding felony warrants in the 17900 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

Sunday, July 9

• Someone threw three eggs at a vehicle in the 8300 block of Mohawk Street.

• A vehicle was reported stolen in the 6800 block of Nyberg Street.

Saturday, July 8

• Several buildings, a mailbox and a vehicle were spray-painted in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue.

Friday, July 7

• A pedestrian was struck and injured as a vehicle backed out of a parking stall in the 8700 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

• A woman was arrested for drunken driving in the 6400 block of Nyberg Lane after a reported domestic disturbance.

Wednesday, July 5

• A stolen vehicle was recovered in the 22800 block of 109th Terrace.

• A bicycle was stolen in the 19600 block of Boones Ferry Road.

Tuesday, July 4

• A Portland man and a Tualatin man were arrested for criminal trespass in the 8100 block of Nyberg Street.

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