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Tualatin Police Department: 'SEEK' graffiti tagger arrested

26-year-old Michael Siegwald taken into custody Sunday.


This story has been updated from its original version.

The Tualatin Police Department's search for the culprit behind the graffiti “SEEK,” which has been popping up around Tualatin since September 2015, has apparently come to an end.

Police announced Tuesday they arrested the tagger responsible for the graffiti at about 1:50 a.m. Sunday. Tualatin resident Michael Siegwald, 26, faces charges of first-degree criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

Siegwald was arrested after being observed in the act of spray-painting graffiti, according to Tualatin Police. Police said he was taken into custody without incident and subsequently confessed to graffitiing multiple locations in the city.

Jennifer Massey, a spokeswoman for the department, said he was arrested in the vicinity of Childs Road, north of the Tualatin River.

Police have linked the “SEEK” tagger to more than 20 cases, with property damage totaling more than $5,000.

Siegwald was booked into the Washington County Jail, police said, although he was not listed as being in custody on the jail website as of Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Tualatin Police Department, patrols in areas where graffiti had been tagged multiple times were stepped up, and it was during these extra patrols Sunday morning that Siegwald was seen and arrested.

Police earlier this month asked the public for assistance in identifying the person responsible for the “SEEK” graffiti.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with a booking photo of the suspect, additional information on the case and more details regarding the arrest.