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Celtic band playing at Tualatin Library this weekend

Dram & Go to perform days before St. Patrick's Day

COURTESY PHOTO - The Celtic trio Dram & Go will play for about an hour in the hearth area of the Tualatin Public Library on Sunday.Monthly live music continues at the Tualatin Public Library on Sunday with a performance that's in tune with the upcoming holiday.

Dram & Go, a trio of musicians who perform what their website describes as “a fresh take on traditional Celtic music,” will be playing in the hearth area for about an hour starting at 2 p.m. Sunday.

“Because it's March and St. Patrick's Day, we kind of thought that Celtic-type music would be appropriate,” explained Julie Wickman, an event coordinator at the library.

The group's piper, Micah Babinski, said Dram & Go plays “a lot of Scottish music” and “a lot of Irish music as well.” Other influences include the Celtic-inspired musical scene of Cape Breton in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and the bluegrass music of Appalachia, he said.

This will be the trio's first time performing at a library, Babinski said.

“That'll be a first for us,” he said.

But Babinski said he's heard library concerts often draw an attentive crowd.

“I think we're all really excited to play for some people that are there to check it out and really focus on the music,” he remarked.

Music at the Tualatin Library is typically informal. Wickman said chairs and tables will be moved outside so people can gather around if they'd like, or even dance to the music.

“People can kind of come and go,” she said.

Dram & Go performs throughout the Portland area, using instruments including guitar, mandolin, fiddle, flute and pipes. The group recently released their first album, and Babinski said they will likely perform some pieces from the album.