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Wade Brooksby resigns from Tualatin City Council

Councilor, first elected in 2010, says he is moving to Utah for work.

This story has been updated from its original version.

Wade Brooksby.Less than a month before the election, the Tualatin City Council has already lost one of its members.

Wade Brooksby submitted his letter of resignation from the council effective Sunday, Councilor Frank Bubenik reported at the end of a council meeting Monday night. The council voted unanimously to accept Brooksby's resignation and declare the seat vacant.

Brooksby said Tuesday he is moving to Utah for work. He said he has gotten involved over the past year with a nuclear science startup and confirmed last Thursday he would have to relocate.

The council has dealt with past vacancies by appointing someone to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term. After a 2011 resignation, City Manager Sherilyn Lombos told The Times after Monday's meeting, the council accepted applications from people interested in becoming a councilor, interviewed seven candidates and ultimately appointed Nancy Grimes to the seat.

Council President Monique Beikman said the council will wait for city staff to present them with options at the council's next meeting, scheduled for Oct. 24, before deciding how to proceed.

Brooksby was not up for re-election this fall. The seat he has now vacated is next up for election in 2018.

Beikman and one other councilor, Ed Truax, will also be leaving the council in the coming months. Neither is running for re-election this year, so their terms will expire at the end of December. Two new people will be elected to fill their seats on Nov. 8.

Lombos said she anticipates a full seven-member council by the first week of January.

“We'll have three new council members — exciting times,” Lombos said.

Brooksby's resignation was not unexpected. Lombos told The Times last month that the councilor was moving out of the state after taking a new job and that his family had already relocated, and Brooksby confirmed his house has been up for sale. Tualatin's city charter requires that council members reside in Tualatin and stipulates that they must resign if they move out of the city.

Brooksby called Tualatin “a great place to be.” He has lived in the community for the past 20 years, he said.

Mayor Lou Ogden praised Brooksby for being an “even-tempered,” “rational” and “thoughtful” member of the council since his 2010 election.

Brooksby had missed the past several council meetings, although Lombos said last month he has been available by telephone while he travels for work.

“For him to devote time and effort to the council for the past six years was a big lift for him,” Ogden said. “Most people would not have done that with his schedule and his workload. … I'm grateful that he was willing to make that sacrifice.”

Brooksby told The Times he has enjoyed his time on the council, which he said has been “tremendous.”

“Even though you live in one community, you get kind of a diverse slice of the community based on the council members,” he added.

Ogden said Brooksby played a leading role in crafting a transportation system plan for Tualatin.

“What I've been most proud of is being able to help solidify neighborhoods and keep them protected from cross traffic and commercial development,” Brooksby said.

Brooksby said he hopes that with the turnover on the City Council this year, the seven members who will be sitting on the council in January will both represent Tualatin's diversity and work well with one another.

“We really have not had a combative environment,” he said of his time on the council. “When it came down to working together, we were very functional. And I hope that functionality continues as we go forward.”

Editor's note: This story has been updated with remarks from Wade Brooksby and Lou Ogden Tuesday.

By Mark Miller
Assistant Editor
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