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Tigard/Tualatin Police Log: June 21-28, 2016


The Tigard Police Department made the following arrests between June 21 and 28: Child neglect — 1; theft — 6; warrants — 2; assault — 4; criminal trespass — 2; drug related — 1; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle — 1; fraud — 1; animal neglect — 1; driving under the influence of intoxicants — 1; driving while suspended — 1.

Monday, June 27

• Two purses, two coats and a set of keys were stolen from a vehicle in the 9100 block of Montage Lane.

• A man wearing a puffy black vest was caught shoplifting from Whole Foods Market, 12220 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

• A 4-year-old boy wearing pajamas and carrying a flashlight walked down Southwest Elmhurst Street and 72nd Avenue at 4:30 a.m.

• A radio and guitar were stolen from a vehicle in the 12300 block of Main Street.

• A loud blast, possibly a gunshot, was heard in the 12100 block of 92nd Avenue.

• A man near 127th and 128th avenues called police and asked if Tigard residents were allowed to keep goats as pets. They are.

• A man in the 10600 block of Murdock Street exposed himself to a woman as she was walking her dog.

• A man was arrested at Washington Square mall, 9585 S.W. Washington Square Road, after he left his dog in a hot car without water.

• Someone stole gas from a vehicle in the 16000 block of 108th Avenue.

• A 3-year-old child fell off a third-floor balcony in the 15000 block of Royalty Parkway.

• Two metal hoppers were stolen from the side of a building in the 15800 block of 72nd Avenue.

• A flag was stolen from the 11400 block of Summerfield Drive.

• A group of five or six teenagers were using a swimming pool at a home the 8300 block of Pfaffle Street. Unfortunately, none of the children lived there.

Sunday, June 26

• Two people smoked marijuana in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway at 9:30 p.m.

• A man told police his car had been hit in the 7300 block of Bridgeport Road several days earlier.

• An elderly man struck a woman with a shopping cart and "spewed profanities" at her.

• Someone drove out onto Summerfield golf course, 10650 S.W. Summerfield Drive, at 6:50 a.m. and caused a significant amount of damage.

• A man locked out of a home in the 8700 block of Locust Street screamed and banged on the door at 4 a.m. The man claimed that he had a gun, which was not seen.

• A man walked down Fanno Creek and Bonita Road at 3:15 a.m. The area had seen a recent string a car break ins and a witness suspected the man might be the culprit.

• A woman in the 15200 block of Royalty Parkway told police that her son had stolen her cellphone and $200 from her.

Saturday, June 25

• A homeless man hung out in the 11200 block of 72nd Avenue swinging a baseball bat.

• A man in the 15500 block of Hall Boulevard said that several cans were stolen off his back porch overnight.

• Four teenagers threw a beer bottle at a home in the 10300 block of Highland Drive, shattering a window. The homeowner told police that he had "the name and phone number" of the teenager who threw the bottle.

• A vendor at the Tigard Festival of Balloons reported her car was stolen from the corner of Alderbrook Drive and Durham Road. The woman told police that she knew "exactly where she left it" and walked the area several times looking for it. Police quickly found the vehicle parked nearby.

Friday, June 24

• Someone pulled a soap dispenser off a wall in the 8700 block of Burnham Street.

• A homeless man lay on the ground and refused to leave the patio of McDonald's restaurant, 12090 S.W. Main St.

• A very drunk man squatted on the 11800 block of Pacific Highway and touched himself inappropriately.

Thursday, June 23

• A man threw a tennis ball around while walking in the 10700 block of Murdock Street.

• A man waved his arms animatedly in the 12300 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A woman in the 7700 block of Bonita Road got a phone call from a con artist who claimed to work for the IRS. The caller told the woman to buy $8,225 worth if iTunes gift cards from several different stores and to provide the man with the card number in order for her to avoid any financial penalties.

• A group of teenagers punched a man in the face outside McDonald's restaurant, 12300 block of Scholls Ferry Road.

• A man received text messages from an ex-lover, who threatened to hurt the man's roommate.

• A woman accidentally tapped another car's door as she exited her vehicle at Walgreens, 13939 S.W. Pacific Highway. The driver of the other vehicle became upset and slammed his door into her car several times, causing dents.

Wednesday, June 22

• Someone cut a sprinkler line in the 13100 block of Summit Ridge Street.

• A patron exposed himself at the Tigard Public Library, 13500 S.W. Hall Blvd.

• Police received a call from NW Preferred Federal Credit Union, 8950 S.W. Burnham Street reporting fraud. The suspect and crime reportedly occurred in the state of New Mexico.

• Three men fought in the 9200 block of Center Street.

• A couple were having sex outside a home in the 11100 block of Verde Terrace.

• A man walking near Greenburg Road and Pacific Highway drew a call to police because of his attire. The man's pants hung so low that they were "barely covering (his) privates," a caller told police, exposing his entire rear end. The man held onto the pants, which had an image of Tweety Bird on them, as he attempted to cross the road.

• A drunk man claimed to be a vampire in the 8200 block of Hunziker Road.

Tuesday, June 21

• Five teenaged boys between the ages of 18 and 20 were playing "chicken" with an oncoming train, jumping on and off the tracks in front of the train.

• A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt was seen near Greenburg Road and Cascade Avenue. The hood covered the man's face and he was seen carrying a large knife on his belt. The man didn't threaten anyone, but shouted at cars and made people uncomfortable.

• A "weird looking guy" rolled a suitcase down southbound Highway 217 near Southwest 72nd Avenue.

• A drunk man in the 10300 block of McDonald Street was already escorted from a home for trespassing, but came back, upset that he had been removed.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following between June 21 and June 27: 680 calls for service, 27 traffic crashes and 5 arrests.

Monday, June 27

• A Hillsboro man was arrested for driving drunk in the area of Boones Ferry and Tualatin roads.

• A Beaverton woman was cited for shoplifting at Whole Foods, 7380 S.W. Bridgeport Rd.

Sunday, June 26

• A hit-and-run crash was reported in the 8400 block of Chelan Court.

Saturday, June 25

• A minor was cited for alcohol possession and failure to obey a traffic control device after being pulled over in the vicinity of Sagert Street and 68th Avenue.

• A Portland man was arrested for violating a restraining order in the 11900 block of Tualatin Road.

• A woman found her vehicle had been hit by an unknown vehicle, with no information left behind as required by law, while parked in the 8600 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

• A motorcyclist failed to yield when police attempted to pull him or her over at the intersection of 65th Avenue and Borland Road, then drove off southbound on 65th Avenue "at a high rate of speed."

Friday, June 24

• A vehicle was broken into in the 19300 block of Martinazzi Avenue, and items collectively valued at $355 were stolen from inside it.

• Someone peeled the renewal sticker off of another person's vehicle license plate in the 18800 block of Teton Avenue.

• A bicycle was stolen in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• A Portland man was arrested for theft and possession of methamphetamine after allegedly trying to steal more than $150 in firearm accessories and other items from Cabela's, 7555 S.W. Nyberg St.

• A person was kicked out of Tualatin Community Park, 8515 S.W. Tualatin Rd., after "hassling park rangers" and being noisy.

Thursday, June 23

• Someone caused $5,000 in damage to another person's property in the 18700 block of 90th Avenue, but the owner of the property decided not to press charges.

• A vehicle struck another vehicle while making a left-hand turn at the intersection of Tualatin-Sherwood and Boones Ferry roads and then drove off.

• Several firearms were turned in for destruction in the 8900 block of Sweek Drive.

• A vehicle was reported stolen in the 17900 block of McEwan Road, although the theft may have occurred as early as April.

Wednesday, June 22

• Graffiti vandalism was spotted on the Tualatin River Greenway Trail in the 8500 block of Tualatin Road.

• Adult siblings argued in the 9400 block of Cherry Lane, during which one of them broke a bedroom door.

• More than $440 in items and cash was stolen from a car after someone broke its window in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• A driver backed into three parked vehicles in a parking lot in the 18700 block of 90th Avenue, causing injury.

Tuesday, June 21

• Someone illegally dumped wood paneling at Decor Manufacturing, 10510 S.W. Industrial Way.

• A mountain bike was stolen from the front porch of a residence in the 6800 block of Nyberg Street.

• Someone attempted to shoplift less than $10 in items from Safeway, 17779 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Rd.

• An Everett, Wash., man was arrested for tampering with a drug record after allegedly having a fraudulent prescription filled at Walgreens, 17850 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Rd.