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Christmas presents given out by Tualatin Police Department

COURTESY OF THE CITY OF TUALATIN - Members of the Tualatin Police Department distributed stuffed animals from a charity drive to families at multiple apartment complexes Saturday.Police officers in Tualatin responded to an emergency Saturday: the holidays are here and not every family is able to afford presents for their children.

All year, the Tualatin Police Department has been running a stuffed animal drive. On Saturday, officers went out to distribute the stuffed toys they received.

“There were a few different apartment complexes that our officers went to, and we were trying to reach out to some of the lower-income areas of Tualatin, if you will,” said Jennifer Massey, a police spokeswoman. “We wanted to donate them to kids who may not have a lot of Christmas presents this year.”

With the whole year to collect stuffed animals, Tualatin Police brought in a bounty of them.

“We ended up with … close to 15 big U-Haul boxes full,” said Massey.

Police also received “a couple of toy items” in addition to the stuffed animals, Massey said. Those toys were donated along with money voluntarily withheld from some city employees' paychecks to benefit a family “adopted” by the city of Tualatin this year, she said.

Massey said the stuffed animal drive is a continuing effort. Police will welcome donations for next year's holiday season.