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Tualatin Pool remodel to be reworked

Tigard Tualatin Aquatic District Board of Directors makes plans for Tualatin Pool remodel

The Tigard Tualatin Aquatic District Board of Directors in May started looking at ways it could improve its two pools. Via the recommendation of an employee, they focused some energy on remodeling the Tualatin Pool, and creating a better experience for their patrons.

Since street shoes aren’t allowed on the pool deck, by the pool’s current design, parents who aren’t swimming have to exit the building and reenter through a side door while their children go through the locker room, said Board of Directors President Kathy Stallkamp. This doesn’t necessarily create an unsafe situation, she said, but often leaves parents uneasy and upset about having to leave their children out of sight.

“We want a way for people to be able to directly get their kids changed and take them out to the pool,” she said. “We’re trying to create a pathway that kids can get changed, then meet their parents, then walk out to the pool.”

By working with architect Elizabeth White, who is also a community member and parent, the board was able to see the first set of drawings in September that has since been through several renditions. Right now, the plans are being redrawn for what should be the final time, to be presented at the board meeting in November.

“We have an option that will work, but we’re trying to find an option that won’t cost as much and will work better. We want decreased construction and minimized impact,” Stallkamp said. “After we get those (drawings), we’ll start trying to get an idea of how much this is going to cost. We can come up with great ideas, but if it costs too much, we won’t be able to do it.”

In addition to adding a walkway, the board’s other main objective is to reposition the reception desk to sit in front of the main doors, as it currently sits off to the side. Another objective, though lower on the priority list, is to relocate one of the bathrooms to better accommodate the patrons. For the remodel, $100,000 of the budget has been set aside, but Stallkamp noted that they currently have no idea what the proposed options will cost.

“We are a pretty conservative board, so our hope would obviously be to bring it in less,” she said. “If we find out it will take significantly more, we may wait a year to implement.”


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