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Tigard Garden Club to plant 1,500 flowers across city

PHOTO BY PEGGY TREES - From left, Carolyn McCormick, Lynn Stevens, Peggy Schiller, Gayle Allen and Gay Fantz take a break from planting hundreds of bulbs outside the Tigard Senior Center last week. The group is planning to plant more than 1,500 bulbs across Tigard over the next few weeks.

Correction appended

The first day of spring may not be for two more months, but that’s not stopping the Tigard Garden Club from preparing for warmer weather.

For the past two weeks, members of the club have been planting flowers across the city, in a beautification project aimed at making parts of town more pleasant.

So far, the club has planted more than 1,000 spring bulbs at the Tigard Senior Center and the Tigard Public Library. Another 500 bulbs will be planted around Tigard over the new few weeks, said club member Peggy Schiller.

“Later in the spring, look for these beautiful displays,” Schiller said. “Especially the senior center will be just brilliant with flowers. We planted them all around the senior center and in the back area of the library.”

The city provided the bulbs to the club as part of a still-blossoming relationship between the two groups. Last year, the city and Garden Club teamed up to plant wildflowers to mark the 50th anniversary of Ladybird Johnson's Highway Beautification Act.

“It’s kinda late in the year to plant bulbs,” Schiller admits, “but they’ll bloom. We were out digging in the rain.”

The Garden Club meets monthly at the Tigard Senior Center and is limited to 40 members, with a long waiting list to join.

The club maintains a culinary herb garden at the Tigard Senior Center and holds an annual plant sale. The group works with Loaves and Fishes every spring, making flower corsages for mothers who receive food through the program. Members donate money to help rebuild burned-out forests around the country. Club members are also working to build a garden around the historic home of Alberta Rider on Southwest Bull Mountain Road.

Schiller said that these community events are what her organization is all about.

“We’re the Garden Club, it’s what we do,” Schiller said.

Editor's Note: A photo attached to this story misidentified one of the Tigard Garden Club members. The members name is Gay Fantz. The Times regrets the error.

By Geoff Pursinger
Assistant Editor, The Times
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