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Line 97, serving Tualatin-Sherwood corridor, officially begins service

TIMES FILE PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - A bus on line 97 idles on Southwest Boones Ferry Road at the Tualatin WES station last Tuesday during a 'first ride' event for the new service.TriMet bus line 97 began regular service Monday morning, serving commuters along the Southwest Tualatin-Sherwood Road corridor.

Line 97 runs every half-hour in between the Tualatin WES station and the Sherwood Plaza shopping center. It is the first direct link between downtown Tualatin and Sherwood provided by TriMet.

In addition to serving rail-riders, the new bus line also connects with lines 76 and 96 in Tualatin and lines 93 and 94 in Sherwood. It will also compliment commuter service provided by the Tualatin Shuttle, a service operated by Ride Connection.

Currently, line 97 only operates on weekdays during peak morning and afternoon hours. However, TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane said last week that he expects service to expand both in frequency and in coverage, with possible future destinations for the bus line including Bridgeport Village, the industrial area along Southwest 72nd Avenue and downtown Tigard.

The bus schedule is available on TriMet's website.

TRIMET MAP - Line 97 runs mainly along Southwest Tualatin-Sherwood Road, providing weekday commuter service between the Tualatin WES station and Sherwood Plaza.