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Election 2014: John Goodhouse runs for Tigard City Council

Political hopeful responds to The Times' candidate survey

Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - John Goodhouse is running for a seat on the Tigard City Council.Age: 40

Family: Married to Rebecca Goodhouse, oldest daughter Meeka attends George Fox University and is studying early childhood development, son Austin goes to Tigard High School and plays varsity football, youngest daughter Jasmine goes to Tigard High School and plays volleyball.

Job and education background: Independent insurance agent and owner with a bachelor's degree in management, communications and leadership from Concordia University

Neighborhood you live in: A block from Templeton Elementary and Twality Middle School

Length of time you’ve lived in Tigard: 40 years

Community service experience: Tigard Planning Commission, Tualatin Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, past president Men’s Auxiliary VFW Post 3452, past Government Affairs Council chair Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, Tigard Chamber of Commerce Government & Public Policy, Cub Scout leader, sports coach, classroom volunteer and Friends of Tigard Football

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Marc Woodard

Carl Switzer

Tom Anderson

What skills, knowledge and experiences would you bring to the City Council?

I have lived in the community my entire life, have been very active in the community and have knocked on over 20,000 doors in the last couple of years. In order to serve your community, you need to understand your community and show that you care and are involved.

Why are you running?

I believe Tigard citizens need a voice that represents them, the need to feel heard and have a representative who listens and responds. I believe I can be that person who can build that bridge of communication with the citizens of Tigard.

What role should the city play with local businesses and economic development?

I believe that the city should work closer with the Tigard Chamber of Commerce to determine the needs and direction of the business community. The city should focus on making Tigard a desirable location for business to invest in — safety and livability is what companies search for before even showing interest in locating in a city.

How should the city prioritize spending on infrastructure and other projects?

The big concern I hear when knocking doors is there is not enough sidewalks and street lights for citizens to feel safe walking in their community. Tigard is an active community and is in need of safe paths for children and walkers to get around Tigard on.

What should the city’s role be in regional issues such as planning for transportation and urban growth?

Tigard should be very active in regional issues, a large portion of Tigard residents do not work in Tigard. This is an area I would like to see improvement on and see Tigard have a voice in. There have been discussions and decisions made in regards to business in other cities that effect the residents of Tigard and surrounding cities. Even though a business falls inside a particular city's boundaries, doesn’t mean that is doesn’t have an effect on the surrounding cities. The metro area needs to be looked at as a whole when decisions are made and how they affect the surrounding area.

What issues have you tackled in the community? Have you worked to resolve or address a concern that went before the Planning Commission or City Council?

I am on Tigard’s Planning Commission and am familiar with and have dealt with many issues involving the community.

What’s one project the city tackled that you wish had turned out differently? What went wrong?

I think the city needs to do a better job at listening and communicating with the public. I have noticed more groups forming and petitions being submitted. This says to me that many citizens are feeling as they do not have a voice or say in local government. The city needs to develop a strategy to engage the citizens of Tigard.

What is an initiative you feel turned out well, and what made it work?

The City is doing a great job at revitalizing Downtown Tigard, this has been a topic for citizens for a long time. Tigard needs a center, and with the improvements being made, Tigard citizens will have a proper downtown they can be proud of.

The city faces a number of issues and potential projects. What should it deal with now, and how? Which should be priorities for later?

The city should focus on the movement of traffic on Highway 99, improve intersections and focus on the timing of lights. Along with traffic, the street appeal along Highway 99 needs to be a focus. It is the face of Tigard to those coming to Tigard for the first time — it is the first impression people have of our community. We need to make it a priority to have Highway 99 truly represent Tigard and be a desirable place for people to do business in.

What should voters know about you?

That I care about Tigard and want to truly represent the citizens of Tigard. I am focused on reaching out to the citizens to open the lines of communication, to increase citizen involvement.

How do you plan to encourage citizen involvement/engagement with the council?

There is not one way to reach the citizens, I believe the more avenues available to reach out to the community, the more the community feels comfortable in engaging with the city government. There are many ways to reach out: newsletters, social media, regular open houses, phone and video conferences, city-sponsored events throughout the city, and most of all having a councilor who is active and visible in the community.

What distinguishes you from your opponents?

Over the last couple of years, I have knocked on close to 20,000 doors personally in the Tigard area. I have talked one on one with the community and have a strong understanding of what the community wants and expects. I have also been actively involved in the community. Being a city councilor is not only about meetings on Tuesday nights — it’s about being an active member of the community. And, I believe that my involvement in the community is what separates me from my opponents.

What is your leadership style, and how will you work with the mayor, other members of the council and city staff?

I am very hands on, easy to work with and great at listening. To be a leader one must realize they are not always right nor do they always have the right answer. I am not afraid to ask questions and seek the advice and knowledge of others.


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