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Tigard/Tualatin Police Log: Feb. 2-8


The Tigard Police Department made the following arrests between Feb. 2 and Feb. 8: Theft — 8; disorderly conduct — 3; drug related — 2; criminal mischief — 1; warrants — 3; assault — 3; minor in possession of alcohol — 1; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle — 1; trespass — 1; driving under the influence of intoxicants — 1.

Monday, Feb. 8

• A woman in the 11600 block of Pacific Highway heard what sounded like two gunshots at 3:15 p.m.

• A package delivered to a home in the 10400 block of McDonald Street was never received.

• A man walked around a breezeway in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway talking to himself.

• Someone claiming to work with the Oregon State Police called a man in the 9400 block of Sattler Street. The man was a con artist trying to extort money.

• Two men knocked on a door in the 11100 block of Summerlake Drive at 10 p.m. The men wanted to speak with the homeowner about changing out her windows. The men smelled like alcohol and acted strangely.

Sunday, Feb. 7

• A woman tried to steal napkins and silverware from 7-Eleven, 10650 S.W. McDonald St.

• A woman in the 16000 block of 77th Terrace told police that her roommates had entered her room.

• A hostile customer was arrested at Washington Square mall, 9585 S.W. Washington Square Road.

Saturday, Feb. 6

• A woman “acting funny” near 72nd Avenue and MapleLeaf Street stood in front of houses and stared at them at 2:49 a.m.

• A 26-year-old man was acting “creepy” and “taking pictures of things” in the 9400 block of Washington Square Road.

• Someone shot at a window in the 10400 block of McDonald Street with a marble.

• As a man in the 14500 block of 100th Avenue was pulling out of his driveway, he saw a man drive up in a truck and climb a utility pole. The man wore no identification, nor did his truck.

• A man acting oddly near Carman Drive and Interstate 5 waved his arms around and was seen “walking sideways.”

• A woman driving along 121st Avenue and Walnut Street called police at 7:30 p.m., and said she had struck a pedestrian. The man was walking on the side of the road and the car clipped his arm. The man wasn’t injured and there was no damage to the vehicle.

Friday, Feb. 5

• Someone threw eggs at a house in the 12500 block of Gaarde Street.

• A former employee sat at a table at Blitz Ninety Nine, 10935 S.W. 68th Parkway, rolling a marijuana joint and refused to leave.

• A woman took “forever” to go through the drive-through lane at McDonalds, 12388 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road. The woman was said to have half-closed eyes, kids in the vehicle and was acting strangely.

• Someone illegally dumped garbage at a water reservoir near Baylor Street and 68th Parkway.

• A car’s rear window and headlight were smashed and two of its tires slashed in the 10000 block of Riverwood Lane.

• A man in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street was seen dragging and kicking a dog. When confronted by a nearby witness, the man became hostile and kicked the witness’ vehicle. The man had been seen a few hours earlier beating the dog near Commercial Street and Hall Boulevard.

• License plates were taken off a car in the 10700 block of Fonner Street. The license plates were later found crumpled in a ditch not far away.

Thursday, Feb. 4

• A door-to-door salesman knocked on windows and doors in the 9200 block of Mountain View Lane, then was rude to people who refused to open the door for him.

• A package was delivered to a home in the 8400 block of Norfolk Court. The package was addressed to a former tenant who had moved out, but the landlord refused to release the package to the tenant.

• A man dressed in black standing under the Greenburg Road overpass of Highway 217 pointed his fingers at car and pretended to shoot at them at 9 a.m. A similar incident was reported a day earlier near the corner of Hall Boulevard and Locust Street.

• A man approached a homeowner in the 15000 block of 92nd Avenue and asked him about a rock in his yard. The man said that he wanted to take the rock for study. The homeowner called police to report the strange behavior.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

• A man in the 10500 block of Tigard Street reported hearing as many as 20 loud blasts, possibly gunshots, coming from somewhere nearby.

• An employee fired from Reliant Plumbing, 11420 S.W. Coronado St., refused to return a company vehicle.

Tuesday, Feb. 2

• A man drinking a beer in the 11400 block of 135th Avenue was seen looking through a set of blinds into an apartment. The man said that he was “looking for his friend.”

• A woman in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway told police that a man was stealing from her shop. The woman wanted the man to leave, but he refused.

• Drivers regularly speed in the 10200 block of Murdock Street.

• Someone stole a title and registration from a car in the 11700 block of Morning Hill Drive. The car may have been left unlocked the night before.

• Customers were being aggressive to employees at McDonald’s, 12090 S.W. Main St.

• A woman told police that a self-service car wash in the 9800 block of Walnut Place scratched her car.

• Employees at Tigard Liquor, 12490 S.W. Main St., chased a shoplifter at the Tigard Transit Center and took back the bottle that he stole.

• Four loose chickens were spotted in a man’s yard in the 8900 block of Waverly Drive. The fowl were escaped residents from a neighbor’s chicken coop.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following between Feb. 2 and Feb. 8: 603 calls for service, 17 traffic crashes and 10 arrests.

Monday, Feb. 8

• A Tualatin woman was arrested for aggravated assault in the 9100 block of Apache Drive after allegedly menacing her roommate with a claw hammer.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for a violation of his release agreement in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

Sunday, Feb. 7

• A Vancouver, Wash., man was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant and warned about trespassing at the northbound Interstate 5 ramp at Nyberg Street.

• A Tualatin woman reported she was involved in a crash and was subsequently arrested for driving drunk in the 6800 block of Nyberg Street.

Saturday, Feb. 6

• A Gresham man was arrested for driving drunk and his vehicle was impounded near the intersection of Tualatin Road and Chinook Street.

Friday, Feb. 5

• A Beaverton man was arrested on an outstanding warrant in the 6700 block of Bradbury Court.

• A Tualatin man was arrested on a felony warrant near the intersection of Tualatin Road and 90th Avenue.

• A former employee allegedly stole $238 from Flair Event Models Inc., 18057 S.W. Teton Ave.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for driving while suspended after a traffic crash in the 7000 block of Nyberg St.

• A Sherwood man was arrested for theft, methamphetamine possession and an outstanding felony warrant after allegedly shoplifting items valued at $47 from Walmart, 21320 S.W. Langer Farms Pkwy.

Thursday, Feb. 4

• A bicycle was stolen from the front entrance of Royal Panda, 7200 S.W. Hazel Fern Rd.

• Two neighbors argued about one of their sons speeding in the 20200 block of 85th Court. Police told them to stay off one another’s property.

• Someone entered another person’s vehicle in the 10100 block of Avery Street and dismantled the dashboard but did not appear to take anything.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

• $100 in graffiti damage was reported at LA Fitness, 7405 S.W. Nyberg St.

• A Portland woman was arrested for identity theft and fraud in the 7100 block of McEwan Road after allegedly using a stolen credit card number and identification to rent a U-Haul truck.

Tuesday, Feb. 2

• An unknown vehicle hit a street sign at the intersection of Dakota Drive and Martinazzi Avenue and then drove away.

• Someone snatched a purse at Fred Meyer, 19200 S.W. Martinazzi Ave.