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One man's quest for a better crunch ends 'Swell'

Tualatin man created unique granola and unique marketing plan

A Tualatin man yearned for a better granola, and when he finally found it, in his own kitchen, he decided to rap about it.

Jake Wightman first cooked up batches of his Swell Granola in his Tualatin kitchen. He came up with a granola that’s free of oats and packed with things like lentils and carrots.

“I started making my own, and about 50 test batches later, it felt like it was good enough where I could start selling it,” Wightman said.

He eventually got Swell Granola into a few farmer’s markets, even a grocery store, but he decided he needed to do something more to market his product. That’s when he came up with the Granola Rap. That YouTube video worked — it got the attention of the Beaverton Farmers Market.

“They actually posted it on their Facebook and a lot of people liked it and showed up to market and said, ‘Oh yeah, you’re the granola guy,’” Wightman said.

Wightman’s granola sells for $6 per bag. He says it’s great for diabetics because it’s lower in sugar than most granola. He’s also working on a new flavor involving chipotle.

While Wightman wants to be known as “the granola guy,” he still gets some attention for his other original raps. In 2013, he wrote a song about the Trail Blazers ending their longtime chalupa promotion.

That “made it on some big sports websites: Bleacher Report, NBA.com, Yahoo!” Wightman boasted.

You can check out Wightman’s Granola Rap at youtube.com/watch?v=a9AS8jNvEY8.