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State Treasury moves Tigard office

SUBMITTED PHOTO: OREGON STATE TREASURY - The Oregon State Treasury relocated its Tigard office this week to Upper Boones Ferry Road, which the agency said will better serve Oregonians.The Oregon State Treasury is moving into new digs in Tigard this week, and expanding its Portland-area workforce.

On Monday, the Treasury started working from its new facility along Southwest Upper Boone’s Ferry Road.

The Treasury has several responsibilities when it comes to managing the state’s finances. It serves as investor of public dollars, issues state bonds and serves as a central bank for state agencies.

The Tigard office will now house the agency's investment division, which had previously been split between two offices.

"We’re bringing the investment division all under one roof,” said Treasury spokesman James Sinks.

Most of the Treasury, including the office of State Treasurer Ted Wheeler, will continue to be based in Salem, Sinks said.

An estimated 50 employees will work out of the new Tigard facility. Most of the staff members at the Tigard facility were previously based in Salem.

The new Tigard office will house a new expanded risk management division, as well, Sinks said.

The investment division handles $90 billion in taxpayer funds, including the Oregon Public Employees Retirement fund, one of the largest pension funds in the country.

The Treasury has operated a satellite office in Tigard since 2007, Sinks said.

“You can almost see the old office from here,” Sinks said.

The office helps Treasury staff manage the state’s investments.

“That involves in-person meetings, consulting with attorney to makes sure the public funds are safe, etc.,” Sinks said. “In Salem, it’s tough to have those meetings, but the Tigard office is accessible both to Salem and to the airport. As we were looking for a place to expand our footprint to include all the investment division under one roof, (Tigard) just made sense.”

Employees began working at the space on Monday, with crates of files and other documents shipped up from Salem.

By Geoff Pursinger
Assistant Editor
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