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Tualatin population drops in Portland State University's latest estimate

FILE - Growth in Tualatin has historically been strong and fairly steady, but the latest population estimates from Portland State University indicate the city actually lost residents from 2014 to 2015.For decades, Tualatin has been a fast-growing community. But the latest population estimates from Portland State University show something surprising: the number of people living in the city, according to the university's data, actually shrunk from last year to this year.

In 2014, PSU estimated that Tualatin had 26,925 people living within its city limits. The latest estimate as of July 1, which was released Tuesday, puts Tualatin's population at 26,590 — a 1.2 percent decrease from last year.

In Tigard, King City and Sherwood, on the other hand, the population estimates have grown slightly from last year.

PSU pegs Tigard's population this year at 49,280, a 0.3 percent increase from 49,140 last year.

King City's population is now estimated at 3,425, up from 3,365 last year by 1.8 percent.

It puts Sherwood's population at 19,080, up 0.7 percent from last year's 18,955.

Meanwhile, Durham's population is unchanged from last year in the latest estimates at 1,880.

Tualatin's population was last recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau as 26,095 in 2010. The Census Bureau estimated its population in 2014 at 26,907, slightly lower than what PSU estimated.

Even still, PSU's population estimates have sometimes been known to significantly undershoot those of the Census Bureau. The Times reported last year that based off the Census Bureau's latest estimates, Tigard's population had peaked above 50,000. But PSU's data has never had it that high.