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Kindergarten registration begins this month

KAREN HUGHART - Two 2016 incoming kindergartners, Everley Yi and Brendan Hughart sport their new 'I'm going to TTSD Kindergarten' T-shirts.It’s still months away from Back to School season in local stores, but the Tigard-Tualatin School District is hoping to catch the attention of families with kiddos heading “back to school” for the first time.

Registration is now open for children entering kindergarten in the Tigard-Tualatin district.

Parents may complete a walk-in registration anytime during school hours.

Parents will need a copy of their student’s birth certificate and proof of immunization. Students must be 5 year old by Sept. 1 to enroll in the 2016-17 kindergarten class.

District spokeswoman Susan Stark Haydon said that the early registration is meant to alleviate some of the pressure on the school teachers and principals.

“When everybody registers at the end, everybody has to scramble to see if we have enough classrooms and teachers and get the kids placed in their classes,” Stark Haydon said. “We’re trying to get ahead of it this year.”

Traditionally, kindergarten registration isn’t done until April, but the district has been moving the registration date earlier and earlier the past few years.

Parents who register their kids for kindergarten early are being given new T-shirts for their kiddos, proudly proclaiming that they will soon be headed to school.

"I'm going to TTSD Kindergarten 2016,” the shirts read.

Stark Haydon said that the shirts have been a big hit with kids, and parents.

“It’s the very first souvenir of their school careers,” Stark Haydon said.

The Tigard Public Library is getting on the early “back-to-school” season, too. The library is offering free activity books to kindergarteners who come into the library wearing the red shirts.

The district is expected more students next year because of the rise of full-day kindergarten across the state and the district’s two “dual language” programs at Bridgeport and Metzger elementary schools.

“Parents who kept their kids in preschool or private kindergarten now don’t have to,” Stark Haydon said.

Students can register for kindergarten now, or at the district’s official kindergarten registration evening, at 6:30 p.m., March 1 and 2 at the district’s elementary schools.

“The hope is that they don’t wait for registration evening,” Stark Haydon said.

March 1 kindergarten registration

• Alberta Rider Elementary, 14850 S.W. 132nd Terrace, Tigard

• Edward Byrom, Elementary, 21800 S.W. 91st Ave., Tualatin

• Charles F. Tigard Elementary, 12855 S.W. Grant Ave., Tigard

• Deer Creek Elementary, 16155 S.W. 131st Ave., King City

• Durham Elementary, 7980 S.W. Durham Road, Tigard

• Templeton Elementary, 9500 S.W. Murdock St., Tigard

• Tualatin Elementary, 20405 S.W. 95th Ave., Tualatin

March 2 kindergarten registration

• Bridgeport Elementary, 5505 S.W. Borland Road, Tualatin

• Metzger Elementary, 10350 S.W. Lincoln, Tigard

• Mary Woodward Elementary, 12325 S.W. Katherine St., Tigard