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Tigard/Tualatin Police Log: Sept. 15-22


The Tigard Police Department made the following arrests between Sept. 15 and 22: Theft — 5; warrants — 3; fraud — 1; arson — 1; interfering with a police officer — 1; driving under the influence of intoxicants — 1; prohibited possession of a firearm — 2; drug related — 1; assault — 1.

Tuesday, Sept. 22

• A man driving near Pacific Highway and Hall Boulevard told police that a woman was driving recklessly and cutting him off. The man tried to pull over to let the woman pass him, but instead she started following him.

• Four rapid shots, which were "for sure not fireworks," were heard in the 10000 block of 76th Place.

Monday, Sept. 21

• A man regularly swears at children in the 14000 block of 112th Avenue.

• Four children were using rude language in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway. An adult told police he asked them to stop and then called police after they "defied him."

• Someone broke the head off a large lion statue in the 14300 block of Pacific Highway.

• Two children were arrested for shoplifting at JC Penny, 9500 S.W. Washington Square Road.

Sunday, Sept. 20

• Someone threw eggs at a car as it drove down the Greenburg Road onramp onto Highway 217.

• A loud blast, possibly a gunshot, was heard at 11:23 p.m. in the 10900 block of 121st Avenue.

• A woman near Tiedeman Avenue and Meadow Street close to Fanno Creek called police at 10:30 a.m., saying that a man dressed all in black was hiding in some bushes. The woman said that man "looked extremely bizarre." The man told police that he was "just trying to get water."

• A woman in the 10400 block of Park Street told police that her neighbor walked onto her property and threw nails at her home. The nails had been left on his driveway, he said, and he was returning them.

• A car in the 8900 block of Commercial Street tried to drive on four flat tires. The driver turned out to be intoxicated.

• A man in the 14900 block of Barrows Road got into a heated argument with another man about football and threatened him with a knife.

• A 20-year-old man races his motorcycle up the 10600 block of Kable Street regularly.

Saturday, Sept. 19

• A man waved his arms and appeared to be talking to himself outside of a building in the 10500 block of Nimbus Ave. The man was talking on his cellphone.

• A man handing out laminated pamphlets in the 10800 block of Errol Street gave people the creeps. The man was selling a carpet cleaner.

• A woman stared through the window at a man working at Plaid Pantry, 15995 S.W. Hall Blvd., for more than an hour.

• Two pairs of sunglasses were stolen from a kiosk at Washington Square mall, 9364 S.W. Washington Square Road.

• Two people loitered near Bond Street and 81st Avenue for two hours.

• Someone has been harassing a woman in the 10000 block of Gaarde Street.

Friday, Sept. 18

• A man wearing sunglasses kicked and head-butted the back door of Jo-Ann Fabrics, 11945 S.W. Pacific Highway, at 4 p.m.

• A homeless person drank alcohol near Park Street and Pacific Highway, not far from a daycare center.

• A man lit a tree on fire in the 11500 block of 88th Avenue at 9:40 p.m.

• Someone wandered around Haggen supermarket, 16200 S.W. Pacific Highway, claiming to be “store director.” The man told employees to give another man $200.

• A man in the 9800 block of McDonald Street told police that his 18-year-old brother punched in him the stomach at about 7 a.m.

• A dog jumped out of a window in the 15100 block of Royalty Parkway. A neighbor found the dog but was unable to return it because its owners were not home.

• A woman in the 11200 block of North Dakota Street told police that her grandson’s bike was stolen three months ago.

• Someone was denied buying a firearm at Northwest Armory, 13500 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A man with a large tattoo was seen driving “at least 80 miles-per-hour” down the 9000 block of Pinebrook Street.

• A former Washington Square mall employee at threatened customers at a store in the 10100 block of Washington Square Road.

• A homeless man tried to pick a fight with an employee at The Good Feet Store, 11577 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• Someone made a makeshift ladder and climbed on top of a water reservoir in the 13400 block of 154th Avenue.

Thursday, Sept. 17

• A woman had a lot of problems trying to get traffic to stop so she could cross Scholls Ferry Road near Nimbus Avenue.

• Someone used a knife to cut down an American flag at Washington Square Hotel, 10830 S.W. Greenburg Road.

• Two people got into a screaming match in the 12700 block of Pacific Highway at 8 p.m. Police responded to the disturbance and learned that the two were arguing over a bag on the ground.

• A man yelled obscene things in the 12000 block of 135th Avenue.

• A woman was shoved by a friend in the 11300 block of Greenburg Road.

• A drunk employee at LaborWorks Industrial Staffing Specialists, 11527 S.W. Pacific Highway, was fired for drinking on the job, but showed up at work the next day, angry.

Wednesday, Sept. 16

• An employee fired from a business at Lincoln Center, 10220 S.W. Greenburg Road, used the company's account with UPS to send his personal packages.

• A panhandler with three children — all under the age of 5 — was seen in the 7500 block of Dartmouth Street. The woman had been trespassed from the area before.

• A man tried to walk onto a construction site several times at 1 a.m., then was chased off.

• A man sat in the 9700 block of Cascade Avenue and talked on the phone at midnight. A witness asked police to check on the man.

• A purse and a diaper bag were stolen from a car at Walmart, 7600 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A rental car from Ford Rental Service, 12300 S.W. 68th Parkway, was supposed to be returned on Sept. 9, but was never returned.

Tuesday, Sept. 15

• Graffiti was found at several spots at East Butte Heritage Park, 10310 S.W. Canterbury Lane.

• A 22-year-old woman and her dog stood outside Ham Radio Outlet, 11705 S.W. Pacific Highway, for five hours.

• Panhandlers upset customers outside Costco, 7850 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A man punched a car window at Taco Bell, 13305 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A dog was left inside a beat-up red sedan in the 9700 block of Washington Square Road. The sedan was filled with garbage and the dog appeared to be in distress.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following between Sept. 15 and 21: 675 calls for service, 25 traffic crashes and 9 arrests.

Sunday, Sept. 20

• A female suspect allegedly shoplifted three pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, 7391 S.W. Bridgeport Rd.

Saturday, Sept. 19

• A man found his vehicle damaged when he came to pick it up from Advanced Auto Systems, 8350 S.W. Tonka St.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for felony assault in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue.

• A vehicle was struck while parked in a parking lot by an unknown vehicle in the 8500 block of Old Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

• A Portland man was pulled over at the intersection of Tualatin-Sherwood Road and Martinazzi Avenue for running a traffic light and then arrested when police reportedly discovered he was fleeing Fred Meyer, 19200 S.W. Martinazzi Ave., with stolen merchandise. Another Portland man in the car was also arrested for allegedly participating in the theft.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for shoplifting food items from Haggen, 8515 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.

• Two people were warned for trespassing in the 11600 block of Hazelbrook Road.

Friday, Sept. 18

• The windshield of a vehicle was damaged in a parking lot in the 8500 block of Warm Springs Street.

• A rental car was broken into by someone who smashed its window and stole a backpack in the 7200 block of Hazel Fern Road.

• A vehicle in the 9300 block of Sagert Street was vandalized.

• A vehicle was stolen from the parking lot of its owner's apartment complex in the 6700 block of Nyberg Street.

• A rear-end collision took place during rush-hour traffic at the intersection of Boones Ferry Road and Sagert Street.

Thursday, Sept. 17

• A driver failed to yield at a controlled intersection at Boones Ferry Road and Blake Street and crashed into the side of another vehicle.

• Two vehicles were involved in a crash that caused injury at the intersection of Tualatin-Sherwood Road and Martinazzi Avenue.

• A trailer worth $5,000 was reported stolen from Nova USA Wood Products LLC, 8082 S.W. Nimbus Ave.

• A city employee found new graffiti under the footbridge between Tualatin and Durham parks, in the 8500 block of Tualatin Road.

• Someone stole a 24-ounce can of beer from the 76 gas station, 20599 S.W. 115th Ave.

• About $1,060 worth of items and cash was stolen from a locked locker at LA Fitness, 7405 S.W. Nyberg St.

Wednesday, Sept. 16

• The window of a vehicle parked near the intersection of Seneca Street and 84th Avenue was broken overnight.

• A Tualatin man was arrested in the 9700 block of Tualatin Road for violating his parole.

• A business owner in the 8000 block of Warm Springs Street complained that a former employee took file attachments from his personal email for an unknown purpose.

• An injury crash between two vehicles occurred at the intersection of Boones Ferry Road and Apache Drive.

• $12,000 in cash was stolen from a woman's room at Motel 6, 17950 S.W. McEwan Rd.

• A Tualatin man was arrested on secret indictment warrants in the 20600 block of Shoshone Drive.

Tuesday, Sept. 15

• A Tualatin man was arrested on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

• A pedestrian was injured after being struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street in a crosswalk at the intersection of Lower Boones Ferry and McEwan roads.

• Someone in the 8900 block of Sweek Drive reported having their debit card information stolen and used to make $2,000 worth of online purchases. All but $720 were stopped or reversed before they were processed.

• A vehicle was damaged in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue.

• A Vancouver, Wash., man was arrested for shoplifting at Haggen, 8515 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.

• The suspect in a crash at the intersection of Boones Ferry and Tualatin-Sherwood roads left the scene without providing information to the other driver.

• A Tualatin man who was allegedly driving while drunk was arrested near the intersection of 50th Avenue and Wilke Road. The man attempted to elude police, who were trying to pull him over, but crashed on a curve in the roadway.

• Police investigated allegations of domestic violence in the 8100 block of Seneca Street, but determined they were groundless.

• Several items were stolen from a car in the 5500 block of Natchez Street.