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Missing Tigard goat reunited with owners

BONNIE HAYS - Daisy, a goat, was reunited with her owners on Monday after wandering away from her Tigard home.Every year the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter reunites about 1,200 dogs and cats with their owners. But this week they reunited a Tigard family with something a little more unique: Their lost goat.

According to Deborah Wood, manager of the Washington Couinty's only animal shelter, a small white goat wandered into the backyard of a home in the 12500 block of 127th Avenue, in Tigard, on Saturday evening.

Officers brought the goat to the shelter in Hillsboro after hours, Wood said.

“On Sunday morning our staff checked our kennel area where police officers drop off animals that they bring in after hours,” Wood said. “Instead of the frequent dog and occasional cat, we found a goat.”

Daisy was kept in an isolated dog kennel in a quiet part of the shelter, Wood said. The staff bought goat food for her to nibble on.

“Daisy seemed quite content, and our staff enjoyed taking good care of her until she could be reunited with her owner,” said Wood.

The goat belonged to a neighbor on Southwest 127th Avenue, police said. The goat was united with her owners on Monday.

The shelter is used to getting strange visitors, Wood said. The shelter currently has two stray bunny rabbits and a parakeet.

“We usually have about 50 animals come as strays that are not dogs and cats each year,” said Wood. “You just never know what will happen when you walk into work in the morning. We love that about our jobs.”