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50 firefighters battle blaze in Sherwood

Train trestle expected to collapse, TVF&R says.

RAY PITZ - A Sherwood train trestle begins to collapse as a fire sweeps across it on Monday evening. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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As of Tuesday morning, only one-quarter of the trestle remains standing

Firefighter injured after trestle collapses, pinning him

A story in photos. Images taken during the trestle's collapse

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue crews are working to contain a fire in Sherwood that has engulfed a train trestle and surrounding area.

Trestle supports are weakening and firefighters expect the trestle to collapse.

COURTESY OF TVF&R - A 129-year-old train trestle in Sherwood is completely engulfed and is expected to collapse, according to TVF&R. More than 50 firefighters are currently on the scene, trying to contain the blaze. The fire is located at Southwest Tualatin Sherwood Road and Langer Farms Parkway, near the Sherwood Walmart.

The fire started as a result of the burning train trestle, which spans a wetland. Smoke from the blaze can be seen for several miles.

Firefighters are staged at North Star Chemical to protect it in the event that flames spread.

Firefighting efforts have been hampered by difficult access, TVF&R reports, and it's unclear how many acres the fire has burned thus far. The rail line is believed to be owned by Portland and Western.

TVF&R estimates that the second-alarm fire is being fought by 50 firefighters, with additional units responding.

Several businesses east of the tracks have been evacuated and SW Tualatin Sherwood Road at Century Drive is closed to traffic for firefighting operations.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

RAY PITZ - Fire crews monitor a fire on a train trestle as it repares to collapse.