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Tortoise makes a getaway in Tualatin

Reptile reunited with owner after social media posts.

COURTESY PHOTO - This photo of a wayward tortoise was shared on social media accounts by Tualatin police spokeswoman Jennifer Massey, minutes before the lost animal was claimed by its owner.It's not a creature renowned for its speed, but a tortoise managed to get loose in a Tualatin neighborhood Tuesday afternoon before being reunited with its owner, a Tualatin police spokeswoman said.

Jennifer Massey said a citizen reported the loose tortoise in the area of Southwest 135th Avenue and Ute Street, in northwest Tualatin, just before 2 p.m. The information was passed along to Massey, who posted about the lost animal on the city of Tualatin's social media outlets.

Within minutes, Massey said, the owner's son came running up the street to claim the tortoise. The wayward reptile was loaded into a wagon and returned home safely, she added.

“It belonged to somebody in that general area, that general neighborhood,” Massey said. “They're redoing their fence, and the tortoise got out.”

As to how the slow-moving tortoise made its brief escape, Massey said it was like any other case of an animal getting loose.

“It just wandered off,” she said. “Like anything that moves, it just wandered off.”

By Mark Miller
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