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Tigard/Tualatin Police Log: Feb. 23 - March 1


The Tigard Police Department made the following arrests between Feb. 22 and March 1: Robbery — 2; theft — 7; driving under the influence of intoxicants — 3; assault — 1; warrants — 5; disorderly conduct — 1; criminal mischief — 1.

Tuesday, March 1

• A man and woman screamed at each other in the 11000 block of Gaarde Street at 4 a.m.

Monday, Feb. 29

• A man in the 9000 block of Greenburg Road received a phone bill from a company he had never used. He suspected fraud.

• A homeless man refused to leave Regal Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 cinema, 7329 S.W. Bridgeport Road.

• Someone rifled through a vehicle in the 11500 block of Lomita Avenue.

• Someone smashed a car window in the 9500 block of Locust Street.

• A former employee at Belt Tech Inc., 11350 S.W. Tiedeman Ave., sent threatening text messages and phone calls to his former boss.

• Two female students were caught smoking marijuana at Fowler Middle School, 10865 S.W. Walnut St.

• A homeless man fought with another man near the off-ramp of Highway 217 onto Pacific Highway at 2:30 p.m.

• Lawn ornaments were stolen from a yard in the 12900 block of Walnut Street.

• A tile saw stolen from a man in the 7100 block of Varns Street three months ago was found at a local pawn shop.

• Someone broke into a car in the 8900 block of Center Street, but didn’t appear to steal anything. Instead, the burglar left behind several items, including a case of CDs, papers and a television table.

• A man and a neighbor in the 9100 block of North Dakota Street caught a burglar attempting to break into their cars at 4 a.m. They pinned the man to the ground and called police.

Sunday, Feb. 28

• A purse and camera were stolen from a vehicle parked at Bridgeport Village, 7329 S.W. Bridgeport Road.

• A man hid behind a brick wall, watching people use an ATM at Bank of America, 11999 S.W. Pacific Highway.

Saturday, Feb. 27

• Several loud blasts were heard in the 11500 block of 135th Avenue. Neighbors reported them as gunshots, but they turned out to be children setting off fireworks.

• People refused to pay a man for a car wash in the 9800 block of Walnut Place.

• An alligator snapping turtle was spotted at Summerlake Park, 11450 S.W. Winterlake Drive. The turtle wasn’t acting aggressively, but a neighbor was “worried about people’s fingers” getting bitten.

• Employees at The Home Depot, 14800 S.W. Sequoia Parkway, called police to report the “fraudulent return of a chainsaw.”

• An aggressive dog ran loose in the 7700 block of Pfaffle Street.

• A mailbox in the 6000 block of Bonita Road was broken into with a crowbar.

• Six loud explosions were heard in the 11100 block of 115th Avenue at 6 a.m. A neighbor had been setting off fireworks to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

• A shirtless man was chased by another man down Pacific Highway near Dartmouth Street at 3:45 a.m.

Friday, Feb. 26

• A drunk man with a gun in his waistband was driving in circles in the parking lot of Fred Meyer, 11565 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A homeless woman kicked out of Davidsons’ Casual Dining, 12830 S.W. Pacific Highway, stole a vest from an employee with the person’s house and car keys.

• A woman was hit by a car outside Washington Square mall, 9585 S.W. Washington Square Road. The driver then sped away.

• A woman stood outside Taco Bell, 11635 S.W. Pacific Highway, at 1 a.m. and asked people to buy her food.

• A Playstation game console was stolen from a home in the 9655 block of McKenzie Street.

Thursday, Feb. 25

• A car nearly struck a woman and infant in the 7800 block of Dartmouth Street.

• Someone stole a check from a man in the 9600 block of McKenzie Street and wrote themselves a check for cash.

• A woman told police she had been assaulted while shopping at a T-Mobile store near Pacific Highway and Durham Road a week ago.

• A man high on heroin tried to break into cars in the 7500 block of Dartmouth Street.

• A man in need of gas money in the 11600 block of Pacific Highway walked into a business and used a broken cellphone as collateral for the cash he needed. The man returned a few days later and said that employees at the store needed to pay for the phone and that he would beat up the manager if he didn’t pay.

Wednesday, Feb. 24

• A wild animal of some kind was spotted in the 11800 block of Fonner Street.

• Two people fraudulently sold magazines to people near Sage Terrace and Rosemary Lane.

• Guests refused to check out of their hotel room at Extended Stay America, 13009 S.W. 68th Parkway.

• A man carrying a bow and arrow appeared to be hunting something in a parking lot near Tigard Street and Tiedeman Avenue.

• A laptop computer was stolen from a home in the 11500 block of Tiedeman Avenue.

Tuesday, Feb. 23

• A man at the Cheescake Factory, 9309 S.W. Washington Square Rd., was asking employees a lot of questions about what time they closed, and kept pestering a female employee about what “she is doing later.”

• A young man stood outside Office Supply Inc., 12245 S.W. Main St., and yelled at the top of his lungs. He was also seen pounding on storefront windows.

• A man threw things and disturbed people at Tigard Transit Center, 8972 S.W. Commercial Street.

• An former employee at Belt Tech Inc., 11350 S.W. Tiedeman Ave., went to his former work site to pick up some of his belongings, including a set of expensive tools. The man told police his former boss was “giving him the runaround” and refused to let the man collect his things.

• A brick was thrown through a window in the 11800 block of Morning Hill Drive.

• A drunk man in the 16000 block of Pacific Highway grabbed a woman by her jacket and pushed her.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following between Feb. 23 and Feb. 29: 569 calls for service, 13 traffic crashes and 4 arrests.

Monday, Feb. 29

• A dog bit someone in Tualatin Community Park, 8515 S.W. Tualatin Rd.

Sunday, Feb. 28

• Someone broke into a vehicle in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue, stealing its stereo and rifling through the glovebox.

• Items valued at about $310 were stolen from a vehicle in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

Saturday, Feb. 27

• A Tualatin man was arrested on an outstanding warrant in the 9800 block of Tualatin Road.

Friday, Feb. 26

• A Tualatin man was arrested on two outstanding warrants in the 8500 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

• The glass front door at Sprint, 17660 S.W. 63rd Ave., was shattered in a possible attempted burglary.

Thursday, Feb. 25

• A vehicle was reported to have been vandalized in the 18700 block of 90th Avenue.

• Someone took another person’s vehicle without permission in the 7700 block of Nyberg Street.

• Two people were detained near the intersection of Sweek Drive and Tualatin Road after one motorist reportedly pointed a firearm at another.

• A Lafayette man was arrested as a fugitive in the 18900 block of Martinazzi Avenue.

Wednesday, Feb. 24

• Nine propane tanks were reported stolen from True Value Hardware, 8460 S.W. Nyberg St.

• A car was stolen from an apartment in Durham and recovered in Tigard shortly thereafter.

• Three people were interrupted while breaking into parked vehicles in the 8200 block of Tonka Street. Nothing appeared to have been taken and there was no damage.

Tuesday, Feb. 23

• The front license plate was stolen from a vehicle in the 11700 block of Tualatin Road.

• A Tualatin woman was arrested for shoplifting and methamphetamine possession at Walgreens, 17850 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Rd.