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Tigard/Tualatin police log: July 7-14


The Tigard Police Department made the following arrests between July 7 and July 14: Warrants — 7; theft — 14; assault — 5; driving under the influence of intoxicants — 3; burglary — 1; disorderly conduct — 1; hit and run — 2; robbery — 1; unauthorized use of a weapon — 1; criminal mischief — 1; criminal trespass — 1; prohibited possession of a weapon — 1.

Tuesday, July 14

• A woman in the 10100 block of Inez Street reported hearing what sounded like a rifle shot from her neighbor’s house. Police investigated and found a nearby neighbor was shooting off mortar round fireworks.

Monday, July 13

• A large deer was seen in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street. A car traveling in the area almost struck the animal.

• Three men were “not getting along” in the 11000 block of 106th Avenue.

• A rider under the influence of narcotics fought with a conductor on a WES train traveling in the 8900 block of Commercial Street.

• A car windshield was broken in the 13700 block of Marcia Drive.

• An employee at Oregon Bolt Inc., 14965 S.W. 72nd Ave., swore at a man and shoved him.

• A homeless person slept in a shopping cart area near Jo-Ann Fabrics, 11945 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A neighbor in the 11400 block of 135th Avenue stared into a man’s apartment from another building.

• A man in the 15500 block of 109th Avenue called police and said that her elderly neighbor was too “feeble and incompetent” to be allowed to drive.

• A boy playing basketball in the 13800 block of 90th Avenue left his cellphone on the side of the road. The phone was stolen.

Sunday, July 12

• A neighbor in the 13200 block of Ash Drive said that he was “looking for a place to take a bath” while standing in a driveway.

• A purse was stolen from a shopping cart at WinCo Foods, 7501 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A dog attacked a man in a backyard in the 9800 block of View Terrace.

• A fake $20 bill was used to purchase gas at Shell gas station, 11290 S.W. Bull Mountain Road.

• A dead deer was found in a yard in the 13600 block of Jenna Court.

• Someone smashed a video poker machine at American Legion, 8635 S.W. Scoffins Street.

• Someone stole a bicycle from Nimbus Avenue near Scholls Ferry Road. The bike’s owner followed the thief and told police where officers could find the bike.

• Door-to-door salesmen collecting money for care packages for soldiers were rude to homeowners in the 12400 block of Aspen Ridge Drive when they declined to give any money.

Saturday, July 11

• A firefighter with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue called police to report that someone was “twerking” in the 15500 block of Pacific Highway.

• A man loitered near 112th Avenue and Gaarde Street for five hours.

• A man in the 12900 block of Pacific Highway called police and said “Fight in front of ... and that’s all I’m going to say.” The dispatcher was not able to make out the address the man gave him and the man did not answer when the dispatcher attempted to call him back.

• Someone broke into a vacant apartment in the 16100 block of 108th Avenue and stole maintenance equipment.

Friday, July 10

• Someone broke into a vehicle in the 11400 block of 98th Avenue, then fell asleep in a nearby vehicle.

• A man stood outside a home in the 8700 block of Braeburn Lane.

• A man spit at traffic and threw things in the 15500 block of Pacific Highway.

• A woman wearing only a bra in the 15900 block of Royalty Parkway broke the window screen of her own apartment, then yelled at a passerby to “get out of here.”

• Blankets were stolen from a laundry room in the 11400 block of Greenburg Road. This was the second time this has happened.

• A man smoked cigarettes, drank, urinated in public and fell down in the 12000 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A woman urinated in bark dust outside of WinCo Foods, 7501 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A purse was stolen from a table at McDonald’s, 16200 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A license plate was stolen off a car parked at Walmart, 7600 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• Two neighbors near the 15800 block of Dartmouth Street reported a distressed dog barking for several minutes.

Thursday, July 9

• Garbage was dumped in the 13900 block of 102nd Avenue.

• A letter was ripped off a sign at Sherrie’s Jewelry Box, 12425 S.W. Main St., and someone burned flags that had been hanging on the building.

• A homeless person dragged a suitcase, a sleeping bag and several other items behind Woodcraft, 12020 S.W. Main St.

• Two middle-school aged boys were seen at Fowler Middle School, 10865 S.W. Walnut St., at about 2:20 p.m., the same time a small campfire was spotted in a nearby wooded area.

• Fireworks and groceries were stolen from a man in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street on the Fourth of July.

• A fake $20 bill was used at Whole Foods, 12220 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

Wednesday, July 8

• A man was caught bathing in a drinking fountain in the 10100 block of Johnson Street.

• A woman in the 11000 block of Summerfield Drive told police she was being harassed by a man who claimed to work for Nielsen’s. The man was texting her and pestering her, saying that he was outside her home despite the fact that she had told him “in no uncertain terms” that she wasn’t interested in his company.

• An electronic garage door opener was stolen from a vehicle in the 16600 block of Ivy Glenn Street.

Tuesday, July 7

• A necklace was stolen from a home in the 12200 block of Katherine Street.

• Someone threw a bottle off a bridge near Grant Street and Brookside Street. The bottle nearly struck a man walking underneath the bridge.

• A scooter was stolen from a man in the 10000 block of Greenburg Road more than a month ago.

• A man walked down Pacific Highway near Gaarde Street and appeared to be “holding something in his pants.”

• Someone was seen trying to open the window to a church bathroom at Portland Vineyard Church, 14460 S.W. 114th Ave.

• A man in the 11100 block of 106th Avenue told police that his roommate was tearing about their house.

• A gunshot sound in the 11600 block of Lomita Avenue turned out to be fireworks.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following crimes between the dates of July 7 and 13: 596 calls for service; 16 traffic crashes; and 5 arrests.

Sunday, July 12

• A gym bag was found on the road in front of Tualatin Community Park.

• A person received a trespassing warning at Royal Panda, 7200 S.W. Hazelfern Road.

• A vehicle was broken into, resulting in the theft of more than $2,000 worth of items.

Saturday, July 11

• A woman had a package stolen from her porch in the 18700 block of 90th Avenue.

Friday, July 10

• While preparing to make a left-hand turn at the intersection of Tualatin Road and Jurgens Avenue, a motorcycle rider saw that a vehicle was beginning to pull out from a side street. This forced the motorcyclist to make a sharp turn and lose control of his motorcycle. He was able to jump from the bike as it went down and suffered unspecified injuries.

• An unknown suspect vandalized a victim’s vehicle in the 17300 block of 63rd Avenue, causing approximately $3,000 in damage.

• Property, including a lot of fishing equipment, was stolen out of the bed of a pickup truck in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue.

• A victim’s vehicle was stolen and later recovered.

• A man’s cellphone was taken without permission in the 18100 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• A man was arrested at the intersection of Nyberg Lane and Nyberg Street after he’d struck a victim’s vehicle with his car the day prior. The suspect then “recklessly fled the scene.” He was arrested for failing to perform the duties of a driver.

Thursday, July 9

• Two 19-year-old men were arrested in the 5500 block of Borland Road for possessing less than one ounce of marijuana.

• A male suspect physically harassed another man during an argument in the 7500 block of Mohawk Street.

• A man was arrested for harassment in the 20300 block of 72nd Avenue.

Wednesday, July 8

• A driver was pulling out of an apartment complex onto Boones Ferry Road when they accidentally hit a pedestrian crossing the driveway on the sidewalk. The driver was cited and the pedestrian was taken to the hospital.

• In an apparent theft attempt, a person broke a victim’s vehicle window in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• A man’s car was hit by an unknown suspect in a parking lot in the 17900 block of McEwan Road.

• A woman reported that her vehicle was damaged while it was parked on the street in front of her house in the 10300 block of 103rd Court.

• A vehicle was hit in a parking lot in the 8600 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road, and the driver of the suspect vehicle did not leave any information.

Tuesday, July 7

• An unknown suspect hacked into the email account of Frontier Management’s owner. The email was then used to authorize a wire transfer of more than $60,000 from the company’s bank account to a different bank account in Alabama.

• A man crashed the top portion of his tractor trailer into an overhanging tree branch in the intersection of Leveton Drive and 108th Avenue.

• After he was found passed out in the driver’s seat of his vehicle in the 8500 block of Tualatin Road, a man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.