The city of Tigard mayor and city council passed a ruse on light rail for the November ballot.

I have a residence in Tigard and have been part of the effort to get the choice of allowing light rail and more lower income housing into the city of Tigard on a ballot.

Though our petition collected nearly 1,800 more signatures than was needed to allow the residents to have a vote on the future of Tigard, it came up short by 46 acceptable signatures.

Many signees were not registered voters, actual residents of Tigard or their signatures didn’t match past signatures.

As of Aug. 22, the City Council and mayor, who have only allowed us 90 days to fulfill the task of getting these signatures and have argued to persuade us from doing it, passed a referendum to put something on the ballot about light rail.

This referendum does not give the residents of Tigard, whom they claim to represent, a choice on allowing more lower income housing into our city or a light-rail train!

These five individuals instead will allow the Tigard residents an empty gesture by stating on the ballot that the construction of the light rail should or should not include city money. The fact being the construction is to be paid for by the federal government anyway and the residents of Tigard will still be responsible for the maintaining of it.

This ruse is to take accountability away from the fact they are not truly going to allow the residents to have a say on what our community will be transformed into.

Mayor Dirksen as of 2013 will be working for Metro and will be the recipient of these federal funds. Over the next three months, he and the four council members are rushing the light-rail agenda through despite all efforts to convince them this decision is too big for just five elected individuals.

I hope you find this interesting enough to share, as to me this is anything but a representative city government!

Joe Jumalon


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