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Soapbox: Monique Beikman is the right leader for Tualatin


A retired Tualatin resident says Monique Beikman should be re-elected to the city council

Gary Thompson is a Tualatin resident.

My wife and I moved to Tualatin from Ohio five years ago to retire and watch our grandchildren grow up. We love our small town feel with access to the big city amenities we enjoy most. We especially appreciate the managed growth and opportunities our community has enjoyed.

On Nov. 6, we in Tualatin will have the opportunity to vote for one of two candidates for the at-large City Council Position 2. It is important that we elect the best candidate, Monique Beikman.

This writer’s perspective starts from living on one of Tualatin’s shortest little streets with many friendly and caring neighbors, which happens to include one of the candidates. This candidate is very likeable and respected as a person; however, we and many of our neighbors feel that Monique Beikman is our better choice for City Council.

Here’s my personal experience.

Having attended many council meetings as an interested citizen as well as a member of one of the city’s advisory committees, I have witnessed and appreciated Monique Beikman’s exceptional skills at working with the other council members in a cooperative and productive manner. Monique is never hesitant however, to advocate an agenda that she believes better represents the various Citizen Involvement Organizations as well as the voices of the many citizens from whom she is always open to hearing opinions. I really like that.

Also to be appreciated is Monique Beikman’s tireless work on various transportation issues in Tualatin and especially her efforts to address the heavy traffic problems on Tualatin-Sherwood Road. It appears that the latter is a problem that will not go away unless other attractive transportation routes can be added.

Equally important; however, is the preservation of the quiet livability of our neighborhoods. Our trust is with Monique Beikman to be the more open minded and better candidate to address these and many other challenges.

Please join me and many of my neighbors in voting for Monique Beikman.

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