We could make an argument for not sending state Rep. Julie Parrish back to Salem for another two-year term. In particular, we believe she has demonstrated that she still has much to learn as a state legislator.

But that same notion — that she has more upside than we’ve witnessed so far — also impels us to believe Parrish is the candidate of the future in House District 37, which legislatively marries the disparate cities of Tualatin and West Linn into one supposed community of interest.

This particular race features two candidates who come from two ends of the district, from two generations and from two very different places on the political spectrum. Parrish’s opponent, Carl Hosticka, is a Tualatin Democrat who already has spent three decades in public service. Hosticka, a retired college professor, served in the Legislature, representing Eugene from 1983 to 1994. More recently, he has served three terms as a Metro councilor.

Hosticka has grown during his years with Metro, showing a greater willingness to consider opposing points of view and exhibiting more capacity for compromise. But in this race, he is adhering fairly closely to the standard Democratic talking points, and during our endorsement interview with the two candidates showed only a little flexibility in his positions.

Parrish, in a similar manner, doesn’t waver much from conservative stances on the issues, but she does bring to this race a level of energy and understanding of the district that’s necessary to be an effective advocate. Parrish is sensitive to business issues. And as a mom with three children in public schools, she grasps the vital importance of education to families living in both Tualatin and West Linn, where she resides.

We hope that, if re-elected to a second term, Parrish comes into the 2013 legislative session with a greater sense of decorum and a broader understanding of the needs of all of her constituents. But in this race, her drive to do well is palpable, and her willingness to work hard and to learn is more than apparent.

Voters should give her another term in Salem, with the understanding that they expect her to continue to grow into an even better representative of their district. ­

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