Tualatin mayor Lou Ogden gives his thoughts on this year's general election.

I am proud to endorse Monique Beikman for re-election to Tualatin City Council. During my nearly 20 years, I believe no councilor has worked harder or been more dedicated to our community than Monique. She is recognized regionally as a respected advocate for Tualatin and a collaborative regional partner.

Monique spends hundreds of hours representing us at many regional forums including these below, just to name a few:

  • Washington County Coordinating Committee for Land Use and Transportation.
  • Basalt Creek Steering Committee helping plan land use and transportation between Tualatin and Wilsonville.
  • Oregon Department Of Transportation Region One Advisory Committee for the State Transportation Improvement Plan.
  • Southwest Corridor Transit Steering Committee.
  • Washington County Policy Advisory Board.
  • Regional Emergency Management Policy Advisory Committee.
  • Tualatin Basin Natural Resource Coordinating Committee.
  • Locally, Monique has worked closely with the folks at the Pohl Center to help it function best. She serves on the Core Area Parking Board as well as the Citizen Involvement Committee and the Tualatin Science and Technology Scholarship Committee. She has supported our youth by initiating and promoting the walk and bike to school days, the Fit Kids effort and works with our Youth Advisory Committee on Project FRIENDS. Monique was one of the primary organizers and co-chair for years for Tualatin Tomorrow, our city visioning program. She also serves on Tualatin Together to fight youth alcohol abuse.

    Monique began her public involvement when she learned that the area south of her neighborhood was to be zoned industrial. She organized her neighborhood and instead of fighting government, she worked with the city and Metro to secure a change to residential zoning.

    Monique demonstrated early what true neighborhood involvement, and collaborative, constructive efforts could produce. Recently, Monique led the formation of her CIO.

    Monique truly cares about her community and her neighbors. She exercises honesty, integrity and objective compassion when dealing with city issues whether they involve neighborhoods, businesses, financial resources or asset management.

    She has been active in the development of our Reverse Frontage program to beautify our major streetscapes. She was an ardent supporter of the new library. Monique worked to secure a new dog park and was active in the cooperative efforts to build Ki-a-Kuts bridge and the north section of Community Park.

    Tualatin is a special place with great neighborhoods; award-winning parks; high-quality retail, commercial and industrial development; and sound leadership. People who live and work here truly love our community, and they respond perennially in city-wide surveys as to how much they value and appreciate our city with approval ratings in the 90th percentiles. Monique has been a huge part of that for the last six years.

    The Times has endorsed Monique and hundreds of folks are supporting her. Please join me in voting to re-elect her for four more years.

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