Former City Council candidate talks about she is thankful for this Thanksgiving: Her supporters.

Jan Giunta is a Tualatin resident who ran for the Tualatin City Council on Nov. 6.First, I would like to extend my congratulations to Monique Beikman on her re-election to Tualatin City Council. Although the outcome wasn’t what I and the supporters of my candidacy had hoped, we wish Monique well.

I will continue to work with all members of the Tualatin City Council on relevant matters, remain involved in the many issues confronting our community and our neighborhoods and continue to champion citizen and neighborhood voices.

I wish to thank the 4,200 Tualatin residents (in Clackamas and Washington counties) who voted for me and to our many campaign volunteers who gave so generously of themselves. With your votes and your commitment, you expressed such confidence and trust in me to represent you and our community — my heartfelt thanks.

Running for elected office in our wonderful city was truly a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. I recommend running for office to any of you who believe in the value of community service.

Elections allow issues to be presented and debated — and this election was no exception.

Our campaign focused attention on the Citizen Involvement Organization program and the need for effective grass-roots citizen involvement. Our campaign started a conversation about how City Council decisions are made and ways council processes should be improved. Certainly, the needs of our residential neighborhoods took front and center in our election conversation, as well as the continued protection and enhancement of our natural environment and our parks.

Regardless of which candidate you supported, there is a solid commitment by Tualatin residents to protect our neighborhoods and to improve communication with the city and within our neighborhoods.

I encourage all of my supporters and those who voted for me to be involved in your CIO. Through these CIOs, neighborhood concerns and each of the issues raised by this campaign may be more fully discussed and solutions effected. Together, we can make a difference!

To identify your CIO, just go to the website:

Again, thanks to all of you for your votes and for giving so much to our campaign!

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