Maureen Wolf is who students need making tough choices

Maureen Wolf is running for a second term on the Tigard-Tualatin School District Board. I believe she deserves to win that seat. Maureen’s professional and volunteer experience with Intel, Portland Public Schools and the Foundation for Tigard-Tualatin Schools, combined with her practical and thoughtful approach to problems, makes her a valuable asset to the School Board.

A highly intelligent and reasonable woman, Maureen considers all viewpoints and pros and cons before making a decision. As tough choices need to be made on how best to meet new Common Core Standards, rebuild district reserves and create stronger transitions from pre-school to kindergarten and middle school to high school, these traits will serve Maureen well — and be of great benefit to our children and our community.

The tough budget decisions Maureen has faced on the board over the past four years have strengthened her resolve to make sure all TTSD students are ready for whatever future awaits them. Additionally, with two children who have grown up in the district’s schools, Maureen knows first-hand what our students experience in elementary, middle and high school. The Tigard-Tualatin School Board needs Maureen’s dedication and talents as it continues tackling tough challenges and achieving educational successes. Please join me in voting for Maureen Wolf.

---Denise Stephens, Tigard

Barry Albertson's support for students is unparalleled

If you're not planning to vote for Dr. Barry Albertson for director, Position 1 of the Tigard-Tualatin School District No. 23J, you haven't been paying attention. 

His support for the students is unparalleled. I've seen him at literally every Tualatin High School event that I can remember. Whether it's sports or music or anything else, he's there. And over the years, he has helped navigate the School Board through extremely difficult budget decisions. 

His intelligence, listening skills and crystal-clear insights elevate the tone of School Board meetings. His leadership skills keep the discussions on target, and his ability to build consensus among the School Board members is remarkable.

I trust his decision-making implicitly. His dedication is unsurpassed. If you don't vote for Barry Albertson, what are you thinking?

--- David Farrell, Tualatin

David Matheson understands issues, brings passion to board

I have lived in Tigard since 1963. My three sons were educated in the then Tigard School District. Two of them are currently employed as teachers in a public school and a medical university. I am a retired public school teacher with 30 years experience in the Beaverton School District.

I met David Matheson at School Board meetings. I also served with him on the recently completed Superintendent Screening Committee. Over time I have watched David express his opinions and concerns to the board in the brief three minutes allowed each speaker at the public comment part of the board's meeting agenda. We have also discussed the need for knowledgeable, focused leadership within the district administration.

I find his comments to be well thought out and supported by data and research studies. To me, this means he understands the big issues of public education and has the passion and the drive to see them implemented for the greater good of all Tigard-Tualatin students.

His skills and talents will be an excellent addition to the Tigard-Tualatin School Board. Please vote for David Matheson for position No. 3 on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board in the election that ends May 21.

--- Dewey R. Hamlton, Tigard

Wolf brings well-researched approach to School Board

The financial and instructional complexities that are inherent in education today call for thoughtful, knowledgeable guidance by our Tigard-Tualatin School District Board of Directors. Maureen Wolf exemplifies these qualities as she advocates for our students. The mother of two children, Maureen has volunteered within the district in many capacities. She brings an unbiased, well-researched approach to her board responsibilities, and maintains a collegial rapport with colleagues and parents alike. Please join me in reelecting Maureen Wolf to the Tigard-Tualatin School Board.

--- Ann Cole, Bull Mountain

We can't afford to lose Albertson's experience on board

I have lived in Tigard for 23 years and all three of my children have gone to Tigard-Tualatin schools: Mary Woodward Elementary, Deer Creek Elementary, Twality Middle and Tualatin High. I believe that the education my children have received has been above average and has prepared them well for the “real world.” I believe that one of the primary driving forces for that above average education is Dr. Barry Albertson.

Barry is relentless in his pursuit of excellence for the Tigard-Tualatin School District. Barry’s experience and understanding of the system is invaluable and unmatched. He is familiar with the tenuous budget resources and the demands put on those resources, and that experience is important as resources continue to tighten.

At this juncture, we cannot afford to lose that experience and knowledge. Equally important with Barry’s experience, is his compassion; Barry truly cares about the education our children receive. That caring is evident in Barry’s presence at almost every school event (many of you may recognize him as the man in the yellow jacket): sporting events, plays, concerts, clubs, etc.

I sometimes marvel at how he can possibly attend so many events, but that involvement is what helps to make him an excellent School Board member; he is constantly at our schools learning, interacting and becoming involved so that he can truly understand the needs of our students and educators. I encourage you to re-elect Barry for the School Board.

--- Rich Jansen, Tigard

Re-elect Albertson for a fourth term on School Board

We are writing in support of Barry Albertson for a fourth term on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board. We have known Barry for 20 years as research colleagues at Oregon Health and Science University and as friends. Like Barry and his wife Robin, we also had three children go through the TTSD. Without exception, our kids got an excellent education that prepared them well for college and beyond thanks to the dedicated efforts of many wonderful TTSD teachers and administrators under the guidance of the School Board, of which, Barry has been a valued member for 12 years. 

During his tenure, Barry has been a tireless supporter of our children and their education. Wearing his signature canary yellow, fleece jacket you can easily spot him at school functions large and small, district-wide, ranging from plays and concerts to sporting events and fundraisers. He spends countless hours volunteering in the district, including donating his carpentry skills to building elaborate sets for school musicals. You will also find him walking the hallways of our schools, talking with teachers, students, parents and administrators — staying connected with the entire school community and its needs.

Barry is the kind of person that most school districts could only hope to have apply for their School Board positions. He is a doctorate level trained scientist and has expertise in interpreting data, and he’s not afraid to ask the tough questions or to take unpopular positions if it will benefit the students. This is especially valuable when it comes to adopting new curricula and making difficult financial decisions in these challenging times. Add to this, a passion for service perhaps forged while in the military during the Vietnam War. Barry is also a skilled communicator, a patient listener and above all, he will always have your children’s best interests at heart. 

--- Mike and Terry Riscoe, Tualatin

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