Terhune is team player we need on School Board

I am supporting Dana Terhune for Tigard-Tualatin School District Director, Position 3. She is committed to the School Board and not using the position as a stepping stone to any other political offices. She is the incumbent with four years of experience on a board known for being well functioning.

Before joining the School Board Dana was involved in classrooms, at the school level, the district and the foundation. She still is involved in many of these areas.

Personally I have known Dana for many years and found her to be a team player, intelligent, honest and committed to anything she involves herself with.

Judy Caufield, Tigard

Teachers union endorses Albertson, Matheson and Wolf

The Tigard-Tualatin Education Association teachers are recommending Barry Albertson for School Board Position 1. Dr. Albertson has long been a strong advocate for teacher voices in School Board and community meetings which focus on student achievement. Barry Albertson has been a good friend to TTEA teachers and educators for much longer than his 12 years on the board. His history with the district gives him senior status on the board. His senior status allows him to educate the community, administration and, at times, fellow board members, as to the reasons some past school district policies and procedures were originally put into practice. Barry Albertson is not afraid to ask challenging questions as he and the other School Board members grapple with the difficult and serious business of educating Tigard and Tualatin’s future citizens. Dr. Albertson knows that TTSD is one of the finest school districts in the state, but he is not content with resting on our laurels.

Barry Albertson has his ear to ground when it comes to what is best for students. He explicitly asks students, parents, teachers and community members for their ideas and questions concerning education. Barry Albertson has listened and advocated for Tigard-Tualatin teachers and families. Barry Albertson will listen and advocate for you as well. Vote for Barry Albertson for School Board Position 1.

TTEA is also recommending David Matheson for School Board Position 3 and current school board chair, Maureen Wolf, for School Board Position 5.

Brian Haliski, Tigard-Tualatin Education Association president

Allow Terhune to continue to work for all students

After attending a candidate’s forum on May 7, I am more convinced than ever that Dana Terhune deserves re-election to the Tigard-Tualatin School District Board. Throughout her deep school involvement, from the classroom to the School Board, Dana has proven she is a team player who follows through on commitments and eagerly digs into tough issues. A second term on the School Board is Dana’s ultimate goal; she wants nothing more than to ensure TTSD delivers the highest quality education for all students. Her two children are talented and gifted students, so she knows the challenges of engaging high-achievers. She also understands every student has different talents, abilities and difficulties, but all deserve an education that prepares each one to achieve their best possible future. Please join me in supporting Dana for a second term on the TTSD board.

Denise Stephens, Bull Mountain

Matheson and Albertson will address parents' concerns

Are you wondering who to vote for in the election to the Tigard-Tualatin School Board? I strongly encourage you to vote for David Matheson and Barry Albertson. Why? Because, it’s important to have School Board members, who will meet with parents, who will listen to parents, and who will carefully weigh parents’ concerns about the quality of their child’s education. David Matheson and Barry Albertson deserve your vote because they do. As a concerned parent, who’s observed many School Board meetings as my two children have grown from kindergarten to 11th and 12th grades, I can tell you that nothing is more frustrating to the hundreds of parents who attend School Board meetings than to speak and yet have board members ignore them and dismiss their opinions. David Matheson and Barry Albertson deserve your vote, because they always listen and respond. As parents, we know our children, their inner lives and their needs better than anyone. If our children are to have the best education, parents need to have a voice on this board and to be heard. Our School Board has many responsibilities and must listen to many opinions. I know from years of experience, and from many other concerned parents across our district, as well, that when you need to be heard, David Matheson and Barry Albertson will listen and be your voice and be your child’s voice on this board. Please cast your vote for David Matheson and Barry Albertson for Tigard-Tualatin School Board.

Alan Campbell, Tualatin

Support Measure 26-152 and help manage natural areas

Taking a double-canoe ride across a lake in search of birds and beavers. Dissecting an owl pellet under a tree. Rolling over logs to meet tiny creatures not always seen. These are just some of the many ways I have been able to connect my son to nature in the Portland area. What all of these learning moments and memories have in common is that they happened at various Metro natural areas, some as programs led by Metro naturalists. Portland has been my home for three years. Regular access to nature within the city is a big reason why my family and I decided to move here. Along with various park districts' other natural areas, those that Metro secured for public use offer boundless opportunities for my son to express his interest in the natural world. They are places that encourage his curiosity and develop his sense of wonder. We live in a big city, but how lucky for us that it is full of beautiful trails, forests and wetlands. Where else can you walk, bike or drive to places that make you feel you are many miles away from downtown buildings? In 2010, I started sharing our nature experiences through a blog ( Having encouraged other families to explore nearby nature, I support the levy to provide funding for restoration, native habitat protection, and educational opportunities for Metro's natural areas. In order to provide my son with meaningful experiences in nearby nature, it’s important that natural areas are managed in the proper way. For the many children in the Portland area who have spent time in these places — and many more in the future, including my baby daughter — I encourage you to vote yes on Measure 26-152.

Michael Barton, Southwest Portland

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