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Tigard's state title: photos


Here are more photos from the Tigard Little League ages 10-11 all-star softball team's state championship-game victory.

by: DAN BROOD - Tigard Little League softball players, coaches, family and friends gather with the state championship banner.by: DAN BROOD - Kaitlyn Gearin gets her bat on the ball in the first inning of the state championship game.by: DAN BROOD - Riley White (right) gets a high-five from Victoria Vanderburg after scoring the game's first run.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard's Grace Nelson (left) and Abby Soderquist share a laugh and a smile after the state title-game win.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard coaches (from left) Bill Gearin, Steven Dardis and Mark Torres stake claim to the state championship banner.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard's Emily Torres comes up just short of home plate as she is tagged out by Centennial catcher Savannah Darling.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard's Kaitlyn Gearin (left) and Elli Dardis head to the dugout after keeping Centennial scoreless in the bottom of the first inning.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard infielders, as well as catcher Grace Nelson (left) and pitcher Victoria Vanderburg (14), gather in the middle of the field.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard players let out a yet during the medal presentations.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard's Abby Soderquist, between Centennial's Kendall Hemmer (left) and Trinithy Miller, is safe at third base.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard manager Steven Dardis can't avoid a water attack during the team's state championship celebration.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard players celebrate after their state title game victory.by: DAN BROOD - Kaitlyn Gearin was the starting pitcher for Tigard in the state championship game.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard players (from left) Grace Nelson, Elli Dardis, Abby Soderquist, Victoria Vanderburg and Alexa VanderSommen react following their state championship.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard's Abby Soderquist (right) congratulates Victoria Vanderburg after she got an inning-ending strikeout in the bottom of the fifth.by: DAN BROOD - Tigard shortstop Elli Dardis (left) looks to put a tag on Centennial's Madison Northern.by: DAN BROOD - The Tigard Little League ages 10-11 all-star softball team has a group hug after the final out of the state championship game.