City of Woodburn expects to install one multi-use Dell touchscreen monitor for individuals to view Redflex Traffic System’s pictures and video from the intersection of Highway 99E and Highway 214 by Jan. 6.

Costing the city $1,415.71, the monitor will also allow individuals to visit the city website, apply for local city jobs and have access to connect to

“They [Redflex] suggested having a computer available for people to come in to view before they go into court to streamline that system, because when they see that they did run a red light, oftentimes they won’t fight it or it will cut the court time down,” said Jason Horton, Woodburn communications coordinator.

The first hearing for cited Redflex tickets will begin on Jan. 7.

No information submitted on the system will be saved on the monitor and certain sites will be blocked for security purposes.

Horton mentioned the system will later accept debit card payments and payment of water and sewer bills, which is expected to cut down wait time on court days.

“It’s just kind of taking that next step here at the city and making City Hall user-friendly,” said Horton.

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