by: MAYGAN BECKERS - Oregon Department of Transportation has announced the next transition of temporary on- and off-ramps for the I-5 Interchange Project coming mid-January.Temporary on- and off-ramps are scheduled to shift Interstate 5 traffic connected to Highways 214 and 219 mid-January.

K & E Construction of Salem, working for Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), is scheduled to build permanent ramps as ODOT approaches phase two of the Woodburn Interchange project beginning this summer.

“Things are moving along very fast and they’re moving along very well,” said Lou Torres, ODOT’s Public Information Officer.

All lanes will remain opened although they will be modified.

Drivers should not expect any delays; however Torres mentioned it could take some time for motorists to catch their bearings with the scheduled shift.

“It will be the biggest traffic change that people will notice,” said Torres.

Due to on- and off-ramps not meeting current standards, longer acceleration and deceleration lanes will allow additional time for motorists to reduce and increase speed.

In addition to increased safety, Torres stated the interchange project will promote and increase economic development for the city of Woodburn and Marion County.

“The businesses, I think, are going to really benefit because now people can get in and out much easier, they can move around much easier within the interchange,” he said.

All scheduled changes located on Evergreen Road have been complete, which is a key component to the project and reasoning for first priority completion.

“That allowed for better and easier access to a lot of the businesses that are located along that area over there, plus it connects the Estates to the north,” said Torres. “Those neighborhoods now are well connected with the highway down here.”

The Woodburn Transit Center, which became accessible to motorists in the beginning of November, will also have five electric vehicle charging stations installed within the next three months.

Foundation supports were also recently placed on each side of the highway to uphold the bridge.

K & E will begin working on the center median to eventually connect the bridges together, which is planned to double in size.

Phase one of the project includes finishing the utility relocation and building four sound walls, which are scheduled to begin early spring.

Torres encourages motorists to be patient and proceed with caution in this area, which is scheduled to be finished in 2016.

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