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Candidates may file for open mayoral, city council positions from now until Aug. 26

A number of terms on mayoral and city council seats are expiring in the local area this year, with its current holders up for re-election in November and potentially facing new challengers.

Filing for eligible elected offices started this week and will remain open through Aug. 26.

Being on a two-year rotation, terms for the mayoral positions in Woodburn, Gervais, Hubbard, Mount Angel and Donald are all expiring this year.

In addition to Mayor Kathy Figley’s position, also open in Woodburn will be the City Council seats currently held by board president Pete McCallum in Ward 3, Jim Cox in Ward 4 and Frank Lonergan in Ward 5.

McCallum previously announced in April that he would not seek a fifth term in office.

In Woodburn, City Council candidates must reside within the boundaries of the ward they are seeking election to, while mayoral candidates may live anywhere within city limits.

Ward 3 is generally located in the northeastern quadrant of the city, around the Tukwila neighborhood, and encompassing the northernmost portion of the downtown corridor; Ward 4 encompasses the area between Interstate 5 and Boones Ferry Road, north of Lincoln Street and Highway 214, largely encompassing The Estates Golf & Country Club; and Ward 5 lies south of Lincoln and includes the southernmost portion of downtown and much of the southwest corner of city limits, including southern parts of The Estates.

In Gervais, openings will include the positions currently held by Mayor Shanti Platt, Council President John Harvey and Councilor Wes Leiva.

In Hubbard, openings will include the positions currently held by Mayor James Yonally, Council President Bruce Warner and Councilor Angie Wheatcroft.

In Mount Angel, openings will include the positions currently held by Mayor Andrew Otte and councilors Karl Bischoff, Ray Eder and Teresa Kintz.

In Donald, openings will include the positions currently held by Mayor Daroll Nicholson and councilors Brian Cobb, Bill Makowski and Dave Hetrick.

In Gervais, Hubbard, Mount Angel and Donald, city council candidates — like the mayor — run and are elected at large, and may therefore reside anywhere within city limits.

All potential candidates must have resided within their respective cities for at least the 12 months immediately preceding the election. All city council positions in the area are four-year terms.

For more information about filing for candidacy in Woodburn, call the city recorder’s office at 503-980-6318, or find the election packet on the city’s website, www.ci.woodburn.or.us.

For information about filing in Gervais, call 503-792-4900.

For information about filing in Hubbard, call 503-981-9633.

For information about filing in Mount Angel, call 503-845-9291.

For information about filing in Donald, call 503-678-5543.

The general election is Nov. 4.

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