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Woodburn High School hosted a College Night for area students and their families on Thursday, hoping to reach juniors and seniors in particular as they start to look ahead to their next step in life.

Families filtered through the school’s small commons, meeting with 13 college representatives and a representative from the U.S. Navy, and then moved on to bilingual workshops that covered pertinent topics from applying for scholarships to how to fill out a FAFSA.

Historically, parents are active in their children’s schools at the elementary and even middle school level, but the involvement tapers off at the high school level — and that’s not just in the Woodburn area. To get parents to volunteer or even show up for parent-teacher conferences is a struggle.

So we were floored when hundreds of people showed up to Thursday night’s event. Just their presence indicates that the school has effectively engaged its parent community, which is enthusiastic about providing their children with opportunities they didn’t necessarily have.

It is incredibly encouraging to see families taking time out of their busy lives to support their teenage children as they plan for their future.

The program was made possible through the ECMC Foundation, a scholarship program that focuses on low- income, first-generation college seekers. So, while there are plenty of kids whose parents do have a college education, many of those who attended the event likely have parents without college experience. But these parents obviously support their children achieving those goals.

This activity was a tremendous undertaking by the high school but it was incredibly successful, especially for being the first event of its kind, thanks largely to the efforts of counselor Mario Garza. We hope the school can continue hosting these types of events and that parents and families continue to support it, because not only is community engagement important, but so is the mutual interest in bettering the lives of the next generation.

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