Council must ‘weed out the misfits’

To the editor:

I stand and applaud the officers of the Woodburn Police Department who decided that enough is enough!

How dare the tyrannous leadership of the city and upper management of the police department employ vindictiveness and intimidation to strong arm those who seek to be treated with respect and dignity while doing the job of protecting and serving the good citizens of Woodburn.

Violations of sexual harassment, the sharing of photos of the victims of violent sexual crimes for public display and amusement, supervisory staff given special treatment of sick leaves of absence while intoxicating themselves in local bars, then requesting aid from a dedicated subordinate in getting home, only to allegedly attempt to rape the girlfriend, is not the job of respected law enforcement!

City Administrator Mr. Derickson, again, claims to respect the rights of all people but when those charges were brought to his attention previously, he found no violations?

How convenient!

The mayor and city council need to get their acts together and ask Mr. Derickson for his resignation, immediately! They must do honest damage control, weed out the misfits and change course, if only to prove to the citizens that they are in fact truly diligent in the honor bestowed upon them.

Arnold Ponce


Support a North Marion County library

To the editor:

Have you noticed that merchants are already pushing red hearts for the second month of the year? But here’s a sweetheart of a deal you may not have heard. The chance to dine out and dance on Feb. 15, the day after Valentine’s Day is taking place at Topaz Bistro, 3519 Third St. in Hubbard, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Live music by Portland’s Level 2 will play from 7:30-10:30 p.m. North Marion Community Library Association presents this fundraiser to launch the projected opening of its long-awaited library.

Weekly, the Independent reports various activities happening at the community library, both daytime and evening, to enlarge the community involvement of Woodburn residents in a variety of age groups. The rest of north Marion County residents (out-of-towners) who want the same need to “pony up” a substantial family fee for library membership. That’s because organizing for permits and licenses, drafting the associations’ by-laws, renting and managing materials takes some long-planned-for financing.

By June of this year, however, there’ll be some changes made! Aurora, Broadacres, Butteville, Donald, Fargo and Hubbard (did we miss one?) will be signing up for their library cards to borrow reading/listening materials from the North Marion Community Library Association, located on the lower floor of Aurora’s Presbyterian Church. Talk about community outreach and enrichment!

Members of the NMC Library Association are asking that you purchase tickets now by calling 503-678-1960 or 541-749-8088. No tickets will be sold at the door. Two tickets are $50, but one ticket is $30. Items for auction include dinner once a week for a year (a $500 value), donated by Topaz Bistro; a gift certificate from Pheasant Run Winery; and a donation from Target.

Please support your newest local library and treat someone special to a dinner and dance music.

Jan Metzger

Secretary, North Marion Community Library Association


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