Well, it happened again today on my way to work. But this time, I resisted the urge. I know it is the worst habit I have, and am not proud of my actions. Hello, my name is Karen and I have a habit of using my phone as I drive.

What is it that compels me to be so careless to text while I drive? My daughter has scolded me and even taken the phone from me. Both of my sons have called me out on it. My previous purchases of hands-free devices haven’t helped me either. I use the speaker phone to talk only to keep from being caught, which I know won’t help.

Being taught by my father and mother so completely about the safeties of driving and the responsibility that comes with it clearly has been forgotten by my need to stay connected with my children as I drive home from work or to the store.

I know the rules, I know the statistics and thanks to my driver’s ed teacher, Mr. Moore, I even know that I come within four feet of dying with every car I pass on the road.

Recently my oldest turned 14 and I gave her a driver’s manual to start reading before she ever gets behind the wheel. She and I talk about the consequences of careless choices nearly every time we are in the car.

The tragedy surrounded by distracted driving is so devastating and I am scared to death that it could happen to me. Lately I have felt the pressure on my shoulders every time I have touched the phone in the car, even if it’s just to move it to my pocket or purse. My hands become tight and I feel the heaviness that this could end badly so I put away the phone.

I watched a video this week about a guy who painted his thumbnail red as a reminder to keep from using his phone while he drives. I was all about that, I even talked about it and shared the video with my friends.

Then it came to me: I just need to stop. I would never read and drive, drink and drive or not wear my seatbelt. Texting and driving is really the same thing.

This issue has been heavily on my mind for weeks. I have slowly made changes, but this time I need to just do it. This week I resolved to change. I even posted it on Facebook so no matter what I do, I have to stick by it, right?

So I am doing it. I QUIT. I vow to you my friends, I will no longer text or talk while I drive without a hands-free device. Please join me before one of us is dead.

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