Support Barbara Jensen in House District 25 race

To the editor:

Barbara Jensen will provide positive support and solid representation throughout the district as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives. Having worked with and known Barbara for more than 30 years, her platform and abilities are clearly representative of her heritage in our part of Oregon. Her energy and knowledge of administrative requirements and procedures will provide significant value to the district and the state.

As the assistant director for finance and administration for state lands, I worked directly with Barbara in her role as contracts administrator at General Services for many years. Her standards and ethics were of the highest order. Her leadership proved both effective and efficient in helping us assure compliance with process and legal guidelines.

Over time it was always positive to touch base with her in a variety of work-related roles. And, as the daughter of one of my best friend’s neighbors in Keizer, I have learned of her active roles in community and statewide, even nationwide, projects and adventures.

Electing Barbara as a representative would be a very positive step for District 25.

Gary Van Horn


DSA banquet a success

To the editor:

Friday evening, March 14, the 62nd annual Distinguished Service Awards was held at Silverton Health Center here in Woodburn.

Without the support of Silverton Health, DataVision Communications, OSU Credit Union, Yes Graphics and Daniel’s Photography, this event would not have been what it was in honoring our recipients of this year.

It is with great joy to see the whole page spread in the Woodburn Independent last Tuesday adding one more honoring of this wonderful people who deserve recognition. Thank you to Nikki and her staff for doing this. Once again it proves what a wonderful community we live in.

Ruby Wolfer


Health program should continue

To the editor:

I am a senior and have the Senior Advantage health program which allows me to use EveryBody Fitness gym in Woodburn. I object to the cutting of this program which our Legislatures may cut for 2015.

Since attending this program I’ve lost 55 pounds, lowered my diabetes medications and am very healthy.

To protect this extra benefit and low out-of-pocket situation costs, ask your legislators now (before April 7) to not cut this program and to put pressure on medical agencies to lower the costs.

Edna Eiler


Woodburn citizens should name street

To the editor:

I disagree with the Woodburn Independent’s opinion on their suggested naming of the new street (see “Let’s say adios to Bienvenidos Court” on Page 4 of the March 19, 2014 edition). They’re entitled to their opinion but since our city is made up from many walks of life, why not let the citizens of our great city decide?

There is already a memorial dedicated to those fallen officers.

If the Independent is sincere in including the citizenry in that decision, let them decide and invite their input to show solidarity and diversity.

Arnold Ponce


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