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District and police reaction appreciated

To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the Woodburn High School and the Woodburn Police Department.

It was very comforting to arrive at the high school the day after the tragedy at Reynolds High School and be greeted by extra campus security. Our car was greeted by a campus monitor as we entered the parking lot and my son had to show his badge. There was also a monitor at the back entrance where normally there is not one.

My son says there has been a police presence at the school as well. I personally have noticed more patrolling police officers in and around the school area. It saddens me that these things are even necessary, but it is very reassuring to know the school and the local police are working together to keep our kids safe.

These extra steps that have been taken may seem small, but the last few days, they have been very impactful. Not only have they impressed and reassured me, but they have made my children feel safer as well.

Thank you for showing me that you are seriously dedicated to keeping our children as safe as possible. I appreciate all you do!

Shantelle Naeve